Maybe now you can see where some people are coming from, besides, even if cannabis WERE as harmful as you make it out to be ‘killing brain cells’, please spare me the propaganda , life is so short so do the things you want to be doing. In fact, cannabis is one of the least toxic substances you can put in your body. Member since February I know all too well what it CAN do to people. But what, because you can smoke a lot of pot and it doesn’t have any “severe side effects” it’s somehow a “wonder drug”? People say it does no harm, then wonder why they can’t concentrate in school or why they FEEL more stupid.

Neither of us can speak for all humans, but I am commenting on more than a minority. It really is ridiculous that cannabis is illegal while alcohol isn’t, and that people like you judge a drug by whatever the “Drug Czar” tells them. Did I mention that it’s less addictive than caffeine? The drink number is an estimate for a casual drinker and and you don’t seem to be a causal drinker. In fact, it was counterproductive to my developement. When you consume Alcohol regularly, like most other drugs, you build up a tolerance.

Broken Lizard is making Super Troopers 2 and then Weed Fest. | IGN Boards

I have never tried pot, but I would like to see Potfest also. You don’t have to smoke pot to get high there are other ways of introducing it into your body. Was Reefer Madness a documentary to you or something?

Discover more around the web: Parkour Police- you go out smoking in public, find police and blow a hit in their face, then you have to escape by freerunning Hotbox Hero sounds rough!

I’m talking about recreational use. I – Fallout 8. IS this really a debate? Just shut up and wait for the movie. It really is ridiculous that cannabis is illegal while alcohol isn’t, and that people like you judge a drug by whatever the “Drug Czar” tells them.

In fact, it was counterproductive to my developement. Judge on taste, potency, etc. Taste Test- blindfolded, team members are given buds and they try to determine the strain and flavor by smelling and smoking 5.


Member since October I don’t need to read a website to understand the effects of weed. But that’s not all, for fans of Beerfestthere’s a sequel on the way that will switch out the booze for the herb. Member since December Just because pot doesn’t give you a hangover, doesn’t mean it’s not negatively affecting the body and most importantly, the MIND.

Props to mojorecords for breaking it down intellectually. When you kill half a handle of Captain Morgans you know you have past that casual drinker stage into the first stage of alcoholism.

A pot- ot weedfest had to be helt in Amsterdam. Mind Blown would be hilarious. Blindspotting Click Here for Thoughts. Security Stash- go through airport security to or from Amsterdam carrying a certain amount of bud, hash, and smoking paraphernalia. I had my experiences and paranoia and short term memory loss are not my ideas of living up life.

Potfest would be the most boring movie ever All drugs including booze affect your mind and body differently and to say the weed kills brain cells is just ridiculous and false. Freaking potheads you should really be ashamed to smoke weed instead of telling everyone that you do.

I’ve indulged in both many times, and can tell you that what marijuana does to your body is absolutely nothing compared to alcohol. That would be cool to see. So you enjoyed beerfest and you are a “casual” alcohol drinker?

It’s helped with my asthma, depression, and worldly perspective. Build a Bong workshop- team members each create a different piece out of clay or glass, like a pipe, bong, steamroller, bubbler, ashtray, stash box, etc. Though the idea initially started as a joke, Heffernan and Lemme revealed Weedfest is in the works. You like frying your braincells cuz it makes you relax?

– Weedfest

Weeedfest sorry but I did 16 shots of 90proof vodka before in 45 minutes when going shot for shot with a fraternity brother and in between those we drank like 2 or 3 killian reds also. I did research on marijuana for an English paper in 11th grade and it takes ingesting over 1, pounds of it within about 15 minutes to reach a lethal overdose I think that drugs positively enhance that necessity for intellectual stimulation when used in moderation.


Whatever, as long as the 5 main guys are in it ill be happy I just can’t stand the stoners who try to justify smoking by saying weedfesr well it’s not as bad as alcohol! Do i assume correct? If I weedefst the people that created Beerfest then I would have immediately have done Weedfest at least within a 2 possibly to 5 years from the original. Ganja Gourmet- contestants make all different types of food with a certain amount of marijuana. I now approach situations with much more logic, understanding, and rationality.

Adam’s Top 10 – 1. Weevfest most precious thing anyone person can ever have, is their brain.

Arts and Crafts- Teams draw, paint, sculpt, write, make music, videos, etc. Subscribe to our feed or daily newsletter: Cannabis is a much safer drug than alcohol, and is far less toxic.

Broken Lizard is making Super Troopers 2 and then Weed Fest.

I see no point in squandering your precious existence on behalf of others’ opinions. Not my parents, in school propaganda, or even religion shocking, I know I smoked, not that I care if you believe me and it was cool, fun and chill That’s about standard drinks in less than an hour.

There IS a lethal dose but it’s so large that in practical terms, you’d never be able to ingest enough to kill yourself. Whatever you say about pot doesn’t negate the fact that it negatively affects the body. This every well could have mocie a joke, but if true it does explain why we haven’t heard any info movle it.

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