Then we talked on the phone for a bit. I normally do not upload any pictures of myself in my blogs, but I thought that I would do something different and show you guys me! Am I still single? Anonymous November 20, at Moving forward I started wondering if he was really into me or not. For someone who barely knows me and basically tells me that I have no goals really had me riled up. Anyways, in January I made a post here telling everyone of various ambw facebook groups I am apart of.

I have a suggestion though maybe you should play your guitar more and sing songs like Bruno Mars he has nice relationship songs. To me it looks like flirting, but I just said okay. Eventually I joined more groups. Yes, I watch them…however… ambw , kiba inuzuka , kishimoto , naruto chapter , naruto manga , naruto shippuden , naruto shippuden episode December 13, Leave a comment. Chicago restaurants are phenom too She always tends to my uncomfort , and does my dishes, laundry and even cleans up my clumsy messes

There is so many things I want to do. Bottom line is, you get to make that choice.

And this guy, as much as I like him, told me that he really likes me but he can not justify himself dating someone who does not have a job or a car which I do not have either and then had the nerve to tell me that I have no have goals. Then listen to the kereokee and guitar versions.

And the food quality is off by miles As for youtube you will find something to talk about lol you always do. I guess TLC is just what you needed The salty ocean breeze, and humid atmosphere.


TenchiJK: My visit to hawaii

Anyways, in January I made a post here telling everyone of various ambw facebook groups I am apart of. And mind you there were like a handful if that at her school so I didn’t want her to get her hopes up high. Originally, I did not care about FB at all. Then I went on one day and I saw your video but for some reason I wouldn’t go to it cause I thought you would be saying the same thing.

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If you can’t find the original you’re welcome to go on my channel it will be there. I got some nasty fire ant bite by the beach. I can’t believe you’re ready to come home already. The beach is about 50 feet away from where I’m living at Yes, I watch them…however… ambwkiba inuzukakishimotonaruto chapternaruto manganaruto shippudennaruto shippuden episode December 13, Leave a comment.

All opinions are accepted, just as long as no one bashes ambq anything.

So I said your chances are slim of that happening you don’t see that much of that around here. Sometimes you want to get away from your surroundings and when I go to see family and friends for a few days, I enjoy being away at first tenchijjk I start longing to be home.

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Anything that you’ll see too often you will most likely get tired of it unfortunately lol Tenchiuk there is no place like home thats for sure: They are an adorable couple! And he did eventually later that day. Posted by TenchiJK at I decided to go back to my original plot and work on it. Saturday, November 20, My visit to hawaii. In the end, I decided zmbw stay. Allow me to do you the pleasure explaining what that term is with the help of Wikipedia:.


He seems like a very nice guy and a bit of a pervert as well, lol and I do enjoy my time talking with him whenever we do talk.

Also, for those who have Instagram, I have it as well! And oh yeah,I just wanted to say don’t turn your back on the piano all together, there’s still talent there to be cultivated: That’s the most important thing. Seems like that’s what you needed love. So there is a lot I must cover for this blog since I have been away for so long, lol.

Through this visit I feel our relationship has become that much stronger, and I know it will continue to be stronger in the near future. Mariba November 20, at My name is Panda Ninja. My first reaction wasn’t anger or anything but a big question tenchhijk.

And I’m glad that things are working out with you and your gf. High and she told me she had a crush on this Asian boy at genchijk school.

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