Aug 24 at I was broken beyond repair. Theresa Clamor Norman Conde Ball Ensemble Mae Anne Pineda Ball Ensemble Edward Paul Cabizo Enchanted Kingdom Ensemble Fatimah Macalandang

Enchanted Kingdom Ensemble Karina Dondriano Pendleton Student Rolly Dela Cruz They literally and figuratively looked good together. Club Ensemble Kathy Ramirez Follow me on Twitter: Club Ensemble Pamela Flores I hated the way it was stitched together, the way scenes transitioned from this to that.

Enchanted Kingdom Ensemble Gretchen Dazo Pendleton Student Cpy Estores Outpost Visual Frontier Jess Manadong Celestine Student Marie De Guzman Ball Ensemble Wendell Caandi Celestine Student Sheila Lagdamen They are both talented, they jive well and they have this unique chemistry that makes them special. Celestine Student Hiyas Ramos Pendleton Student Iro Corpuz I watched the film without any preconceived ideas.

Rival Gang Renz Michael Club Ensemble Novie Piramide Outpost Visual Frontier Irene Leparto Tbye Visual Frontier Roque Magsino Viva Angelica Clarice Sales Club Ensemble Queenie Nadonza Enchanted Kingdom Ensemble Shida Espiritu Enchanted Kingdom Ensemble Choi Pacheco She obviously felt James needed the pillow and the blanket and if she had other reasons other than to help James feel comfortable, then let her keep her reason to herself.


Fbyd Jacqueline Kaye Fernando Ball Ensemble Mae Anne Pineda Club Ensemble Lucy Amurao Their chemistry was undeniable, even palpable. Enchanted Kingdom Ensemble Jericho Rosampa Mall Ensemble Angeline Malicdem Young Samantha Jourdanne Castillo They literally and figuratively looked good together.

JaDine and Media Pressure hmmmthoughts: I was a full blown JaDine movke. Ball Ensemble Bella Mercado Michie Rose Van Ginkel It was the film that solidified my love for JaDine. Outpost Visual Frontier Jowee Morel Enchanted Kingdom Ensemble Norman Tanedo Celestine Student Genaline Picar Come year I am sure JaDine fans will be supporting them, whether or not they date in real life because we love them individually.

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