Here, I think you got both the fangirl and the detractor side wrong. Thank you again for your hard work!!!!!! I’ve been waiting for that the whole series. It was either stop watching the show now or destroy your computer. I can’t wait to the next re-cap. We really should get an extension just to watch how everyone behaves when yun hee turns up in her hanbok!! That was just episode 13! Oh yes, Soon-dol probably has the hots for Beol Dul:

Gong Yoo in anything is sexy. A fun premise and we get to see them grow. We present our personal take. You are commenting using your Twitter account. He does what any third-wheel second lead would do. Sun Joon asked furiously why Yoon Hee wanted to do something like that [ i.

Or how impossible it is for Yoon-hee to eventually sit at the right hand of the king and show those darn men how things are done. You’ll get to see the tremendous influence channeled through the queens and the king’s various consorts by the relatives associated with the women. Still, hats off to those who are still sleeping before that big an 116, hehe! Chez Minister of War.

Sungkyunkwan Scandal Episode 16 and 17 recaps – rambling thoughts

That last picture combo? I am sure it’ll be fun!

Retrieved from ” https: Like, one scene of confusion with some hilarity thrown in. Do not make out till you both pass out from the lack of oxygen. The king ran into Sun Joon’s father, Minister Lee, and Minister of War, and told redap that his son was transferred back to Sungkyunkwan. I love the above screen cap!: By the way I have read every one of your recaps for this drama!!!! Jae Shin wasn’t jealous per se, but it’s like hey you worried about someone so much, and it turned out she’s with someone that she liked so you rrcap even need to worry about her.


Kim Won-seok Hwang In-hyuk.

Ecandal Yoon Hee and JS’s conversation in the library in the previous episode? Seon-joon, on the other hand, looks like his brain has been fried. Thank peisode for continuing to feature SKKS. With Coffee Prince, I can see the reaction a little because it was drawn out waaaay too long- even if he found out before the critical mass point, I’m pretty sure he would have let her stay on as a cross-dresser with no customers finding out, so her family would have been fine.

But before, it was night-time, neither knew who the other really was, and the discomfort was mostly on her part.

And then Yong-ha shows his wrist, with another of the same. What did you mean? They always do the shoulder YANK. Raine August 23, at 7: This drama is about romance, yes.

Akiko’s Morning Coffee !! :]

Hope you can continue the recaps ’til the end D i thought certain things were brought in a little late in the series only in episode 17 of 20, really? Upset, Hyo-eun asks him why he is being such a jerk to her. Yoon-hee not sugnkyunkwan much. At Sungkyunkwan meanwhile, a series of rites are carried out in preparation for the new exams.


They get into a tussle as he tries to grab it from Yoon-hee. And so they strike a deal: That is why he kept asking her sungjyunkwan was it she was abt to say back then. I’m sure I’ve done so inadvertently, but I agree that it’s just good manners to try not to spoil things for others and rob them of all the happy happies that I experienced.

Recap: Sungkyunkwan Scandal Ep. 16 | Midnight Express

Poor guy, I have no words. Yoon Hee requested for the rest to help her so that she could know more about her father. By tradition, after the day where all females could visit Sungkyunkwan, there would be the games.

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