Now Clark is steps closer to revealing his secret to Lois and that’s probably bothering her a bit, that was the one thing she and Clark shared together. My idea of a good movie is the essence of something that has originality, insatiable acting and a whimsical storyline, something that I couldn’t come up with myself. Posted by Lexa Cliche at 3: And now Tess is. Surprisingly, I liked Maureen over all the melodrama. Dunder Mifflin has faced many dilemmas throughout each Season. The one thing I loved about this se ries is its unique appeal to telling a sto ry. This ser ies was hilarious from the beginning.

You like to see the goodness, but you know what this guy’s capable of. Most of all, I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and thank those who came on board my blog, you are greatly appreciated. Actually I saw the show the day it premiered and I remember it was on Tuesday’s at 9 pm and I was 16 years old. Of course they give inklings along the way which really makes it interesting. Wh ile Will went scouting for his pocket square, I knew the moment had arrived for him to connect the dots. I know I really wouldn’t want to have a friend like Sheldon who shrink-ed away every bit of conversation had with him. Blair always had someone to accept her ways non-the-less and Jenny has no one.

I wanted to erase any info you had on the Kandorians, not re-route it. My theory to counter that would entail a bit of uncertainty, but on top of that Cameron did list the possibility of sequel movies and maybe all of those would be explained.

Posted by Lexa Cliche at 3: I could understand it if he was a guy of morale principles who held the people in his life on a pedestal, but the writers didn’t take the time to establish Tripp’s character. General Discussion Agents of S. Romance Movies I Have Watched. The NYU domination theme is getting really old and boring.


Smallville s09e19 Episode Script

Online courses are a viable option, to a traditional college experience. Pandora itself speaks of a box which holds the evils of mankind and once opened, all the evils would be revealed.

I still can’t get over Pam’s promotion to sale, but ‘oh well’. In ‘Kandor’ Clark admitted to being the blur and he intimidated her into giving up his father’s location. Martha Kent Aaron Ashmore Their world actually seemed more functional and less complicated than the actual human lifestyle.

Smallville’s Final 5 Episodes: 8 Burning Questions Answered! | TVLine

They are the most clumsiest character yet, and they cleverly found a way eppisode twist ‘the date’ mix up. Dozens of my agents are dead. Season 3, Episode 12 ‘The Debarted’ Review.

But only Chloe senses what is really going on with Lois and Clark, and she asks Jimmy to help her find a way to stop ‘bad Clark’ as well as Lois. I knew you were the Kandorians’ lapdog, but I didn’t realize you were Zod’s bitch. I’ll never forget the S4 finale. There smallvillf be those moments in classic television history where scenes get so steamy that your mouth waters at the sight of it.

I remember rooting for Clark and Lana until Lois showed up and won me over. If Oscar stood strong and uttered those words to the members of the board, to their face, he would have certainly been out of a job. Once it aired I was hooked You episoce nothing of sacrifice. Posted by Lexa Cliche at 6: Everyone’s future looked bleak actually, even though Clark managed to get the better of Zod, he still surprised Clark with the Krptonite knife.

I find it disgusting how quickly you humans can betray your own. She probably already lost him, so what exactly did she have to hold on to. Rufus, Lily, Cece and Serena What a silly place to keep a letter if you are trying to hide it, especially if someone else knows the combination to the hiding place.


In the event that I die of starvation or, oh, say, a ricocheting bullet do you mind telling me how you got in here? Most of all, I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and thank those who came on board my blog, you are greatly appreciated.

There were many losses that day. Season 6 Episode Dewitt has now begun to annoy me to the point where I really couldn’t tolerate any scene with her. I on the other hand, did not support her choice to give Serena the ‘go ahead’ to run off with Tripp, who was still married.

I was so sad when smallville ended, but I am so grateful that it will isharwd be with me.

I know more than smallvolle ever will. I mean a marriage is supposed to mean something, and even Emma told Terri to back off when she thought Terri was getting in the way.

Season One Previously on Heroes For me Smallville claimed the number one position solely because my admiration for Lois and Clark and my Passion for what they represent, being a fan of all ‘Superman’ creations.

It’s the little things a girl tends to notice. Checkmate is going to stop this war before it gets started. New Day Rising” 3. Seeason talk about the show a lot.

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