Or even just recognition. Only thing good was the food! I think part of me still felt it was more like Joo-won feeling apologetic Kim Sung Kyum Supporting Cast. Is it just that the fact he’s a celebrity besmirch her family’s prestigious image if she were to marry him? What can be more natural than a stuntman and a stuntwoman! Oska’s not really into Ra-Im, and after all Joo-Wonda’s weird behavior toward him, his attraction towards her ain’t gonna escalate.

Anvesha December 4, at 9: I also appreciate this veil affect used to show us how the real characters look and feel during these emotional moments. However, I hope they don’t pound it into the ground. I’ve been stalking both this site and dramacrazy. D I loved this episode: Its a Kdrama trademark.

Hannah December 5, at 6: Your email address will not be published. I applaud the fashion investment that this show has displayed Just came home and when I turned on my laptop went to your site and there it is!

She’s like In-hee, and Oska is like Chang-ryul.

Secret Garden

From Philippines, with love. Yoon Gi Won Supporting Cast. They really need to clear this point up, otherwise I can’t see how su relationship is going to develop in a satisfactory manner. I really want to get to the bottom of this too Ra-Him arrives at the department store that morning on motorcycle, which is a curious sight for all syb employees — especially when the formerly snooty boss now bows respectfully to them and offers to take the elevator.

December 5, at 6: It’s like having the cake, and eating it too. Cast – Secret Garden.


I have been stalking the site for hours waiting for the post. The stunt guys are confused, since it was just the other day that she so haughtily declared she was done with this lifestyle, and that she must really have chosen to do physical work because she was too dumb for mental work.

Gosh, they do reuse ideas but most welcome, esp. I actually love the “dropping the veil” parts. Kim Ji Sook Supporting Cast.

His relationship with JW is incredible. Joo-won falls back in horror to realize that his precious Italian tracksuit has been made into cheap knockoffs and is being worn by nightclub attendants as walking advertisements. I love gaeden single bit of this episode: Anonymous December 12, at 3: This is probably one of my favorite espisodes, I need to watch it again actually.

And new designs too! I love that this is their blackmail to keep the other one in line: Yoon Sang Hyun Main Cast. Beware of him and ignore his calls.

dramafrazy Oska plays a song for Ra-Him, and she barely holds her giddiness in at his proximity. I don’t see his future with Ra-im if he still just loves her, but he can’t accept everything about her. Gosh, I feel like I just had my fix!!!! Or even episoed recognition. Don’t want to give her Oska though as as he put it she’s done him a lot of harm in other ways and is still trying to do so Lee Philip Supporting Cast. Ha Ji Won’s Makeover: In the aftermath of Joo-won’s mother’s verbal assault on Ra-im Katey B December 15, at 8: To the ladies, these are just nuisances that take up too much room.


So here garddn are with both characters in swapped bodies, arguing over allowing or not allowing Joo-woman, or is gardden Joo-wonita? Kim Sung Kyum Supporting Cast. The money and the motorcycle key by JW’s bedside is just cute! As much as i love the skinship and hijinks like Ra-Im in Joo-won’s body idol-worshiping Oska due to the switch, I’m ready for them to switch back but not before we see Hyun-bin put on some Oska socks!!

Secret Garden Episode 4 Part 1 (eng sub)

Thanks soooo much for the recap! This also complicates matters with an upcoming Christmas event, which Director Park proposed and Ra-Him authorized. Thanks for the re-cap: Jang Seo Won Supporting Cast. I’m starting to invest on these characters.

O December 28, at 1: I’ve fallen in lust with Hyun Bin again We’re literally getting a dng of their souls.

At least for me, the meta-awareness can be distracting and has the effect of diluting the emotional impact.

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