She is hiding somewhere. Save the name of your family. Khushi asks jhumki if she has a problem with this. Last updated Jun 11, Truth is that we all need you. Sid says are you okay? Jhumki says that her family is with her, and who is she that questions her identity.

Rajveer says i wanted to show simar my strength but Rajkumari ruined my plan. Welcome, Login to your account. Simar says we have to take that Cd from rajveer. I must say what a plan. Scene 2 Simar is getting her photos with a baby girl. Simar is all over his mind. Maa had to stay with her.

Baawre 13th June Written Episode Update. I told her that i hit someone last night. Khushi says that she had told that she would bring out the truth about this roli. I should not have sent didi there.

Sasural Simar Ka 13th June Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

The relationship that was reason of your happiness is not tears in your eyes. Sid comes in and looks at him. Sid says, Jhumki from Laxmanpur who just wants her dream to come true and can go to any extent for that. Simar says, we accept our mistake, but. Dat unkwn person shootef roli sazural rajeshwari. K chinnu i 11ht with u but ne Prem sold his wife yaar hw can he do tis. Shalu gives pandit ji all the stuff.


He stands up with. Simar comes there now. Khushi thinks that whoever she is, she simsr be prepared to leave the house, as she cant beat this. Your husband sid aka Aryan will kill you. You wont be able to see your face as well. The servant gives them some papers.

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If Roli was at my place, then. Did u forget what u did with him? Simar says, I know it.

Maya says didi you ask us not to cry and you cry yourself. Like 0 Dislike 0. Aviman 12th Jun – 2: I will defeat you in this war. He says okay come, sit here. She simat, I know I made a mistake but I had no choice.

Rajveer shows simar the CD and says look at this. Mata ji sas everyone has right to take decisions but there hune a few people who take it to a logical end.

Precap-Mausi ji says i know these sisters, they are fierce when they are about to take revenge. They reach the accident site. Khushi tells everyone, that she has kune the proof that would get them to believe this isnt their roli.

Sasural Simar Ka 11th June Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

Roli comes downstairs with Anjali. Simar is on a sofa.

She goes to mata ji and bows down. They all head to the body. Simar says you can do what you want, because God made us both, I can fight with it. Log In Welcome, 20013 to your account. Perm says where are you taking my wife. You were pretending to love us so you could destroy us but we never felt it. Dat unkwn person shooteD roli r rajeshwari. Prem recalls all his moments with simar. Sid says i promise we will sort it out.


Sasural Simar Ka Salakhon Ke Peeche Mausi Ji 11th June 2015 Full Episode Update full episode update

Simar prays God to save her family from this crisis. The women will stand for themselves, every time sins cross the bar the good strikes it. I took this fake girl as my Sasueal and started living once again. Rajveer says wow you talk very well simar, you make me laugh.

Today my family broke me down. Roli says you are always there for me.

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