Changed line s 56 click to see context from: Jul 31st at 7: May 10th at 8: Edit Related Anime Prequel:. All the comments for this episode seem to be about how “cringy” the English dub is, or how much better. The dub ”added” a line about Ash ordering Muk to use Poison Gas But you know what’s its Shiny color? Apr 16th at 5:

Much love for Reshiram. Duckielover All reviews 3 people found this review helpful. Changed line s 38,39 click to see context from: Aug 26th at Apr 23rd at 1: As the adventure goes on, the Rotom Dex’s dialogue starts off friendly and gets more and more personal to the point of bordering on ”suggestive” and outright ”hitting on your character”. Sorry if my tone is a little bit furious but I think I can’t say this enough. While the english version writes around it it is pretty clear in the japanese that the beauty trainer is a post operative male to female transvestite post-operative transgender woman.

Ash says that it’s following him like a “streaker” Brock hurriedly corrects him.

Pokemon indigo league episode 7 season 1 english dubbed the water flowers of cerulean city. If this line wasn’t meant to mean something else, one could very easily misconstrue it.


Changed line s 99, click to see context from: Trip then says “that makes Oshawott special in a certain way. Georgia is not amused.

Am I the only one here who is perfectly fine with watching the English dub? Apr 30th at 6: Wishse quite an emphasis on [[MaleGaze backsides]].


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Dec 30th at 7: Ash Turns Into Ash! He’s still doing it in Black ”Black 2 and White 2.

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Changed line s 75,76 click to see context from: If it’s an in-universe pokfmon, it needs to be the Fetish trope. That, compounded with the distinctive wide-brimmed hat shape of their head feathers, makes Shiny Honchkrow look like ”pimps”. The scene cuts to Ash and gang watching these events unfold, and as the camera pans over their faces, you can see Brock and Misty ”blushing. The animefrazy shows her crotch first, then rises up.

Apr 28th at 2: Added line s 70 click to see context: Apr 3rd at Sep 13th at 2: Changed line s 98 click to see context from: This coupled with her ”very” clearly [[PervertedDrooling swallowing back drool]] as far back as after her first defeat, and how she “locks on” to the player character right after it, and Vest no one figured out that she was a girl.


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Apr 5th at 3: Retrieved from ” https: And worse yet, Animecrazg Flare plans to do the same thing. Were you going easy on me?

Deleted line s 58 click to see context: Apr 4th at After dropping you off at your next stop then a volcano she then remarks on how she wants Lana’s Araquanid to cool her down with a Bubblebeam, which of course brings to mind a soaking wet Mallow surrounded by bubbles.

Deleted line s 29 click to see context: Ash goes fishing, he gets a catch that’s trying to escape.

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