Team Rocket destroys the dam so that the Mudkip are washed away and they can catch them easier. Now that its home is gone, Treecko is ready to make a new home with Ash. All is not lost for Team Rocket, however. It’s all up to Pikachu. Win, Lose or Drew! Team Rocket decides to try to steal the Wailord. Rustboro City is on the horizon, but they’re not there yet. Upon arriving at the door to the Gym, Ash is bowled over by a group of energetic surfers charging out of the door.

Brock notes that Pikachu is too worn out from running around, and thus does not have the time to store up energy for a successful Iron Tail. All Things Bright and Beautifly! Stephen, already investigating the commotion, comes to the rescue and subdues all the Aron with his own Aron. Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? Over breakfast, Ash confides that Iron Tail is still hit-or-miss, but what is more surprising is that May wants to pass up on the Gym battle. With help from her new friend Franklin, May catches the Wurmple she wanted. The foggy episode opens up with Team Rocket stealing a stone from a small boy near a lighthouse.

On shore, Pikachu is caught by Team Rocket. Brawly then agrees to a 2-on-2 match with Ash. Options Mirror 1 Mirror 2 report.

Now it’s off to Dewford to compete for a second Hoenn badge!.

Meanwhile, Max is in a state of panic. The girl and Ash have a battle and Pikachu wins.

This time, it is successful, and Nosepass is knocked out. Gone Corphishin’ May 01, Credits Animation Team Ota.

Pokémon Season 6 Episode 16

Team Rocket decides to try to steal the Wailord. Meanwhile, at a nearby playground, Team Rocket learns that Roxanne is the Rustboro Gym Leaderand vows to take their revenge for what had happened the previous episode. Ash uses his Taillow against Brawly’s Machop. Time is running out and Pikachu is in danger of exploding. They discover that he seems to enjoy being a bit of a trickster. Ash retrieves Brock and they go back in the tunnel to find the siblings.


When she and Franklin go to meet up with the gang, everyone is really surprised. A trainer named Franklin sees them practicing and challenges them to a battle.

Pokémon Season 6 Episode 16 – Watch Pokemon Episodes Online –

He even shows them a baby Mudkip hatching out of an egg. Roxanne’s Geodude knocks out Treecko pretty quickly. In the meantime, some Team Magma grunts were dropped off nearby via helicopter and some Team Aqua grunts are somewhere near in a submarine.

After another failed attempt at trying to catch Pikachu, Team Rocket is sent blasting off again. Narrator voice as Ken Gates Dan Green After episove, Ash and company head out to Granite Cave because they heard one of the elite Trainers is there. That last battle turns out to be just what this little Poochyena needs—it evolves right before Max’s eyes!.

Team Rocket is on board, disguised as sailors, and after a failed attempt at capturing Pikachu, they exit the scene in their normal fashion. Brave winer Wave Apr 10, Team Rocket returns to the scene, now hoping to free the Ekans and Koffing. The Lotad seem to be having fun with their new friends, but a little girl named Natalie thinks that Ash and crew are out of line. Meanwhile, Max, Meowth, and Pikachu have discovered an underground waterfall and pool with dangling vines they hope may lead to an escape from the cave.

The episode ends with Ash deciding to stay on the island to train some more Max is too smart too be fooled, but that doesn’t stop Team Rocket from taking Poochyena. Rather than being disappointed, Team Rocket decides that this is an excellent opportunity. They also learn that strange things are going on at the mansion, and many people believe that it’s haunted. A little investigation reveals that the mansion is actually inhabited by all of the Shroomish who used to live in the forest.


Treecko and Corphish almost get in a fight, but are stopped by Mudkip and Pikachu. However, Pikachu breaks free with Thunder. During the contest, Chaz and Janet both nosepasa really well and make nosepass to the final round.

Ash, with Nurse Joy’s help, hurries back just in time to send Corphish to free his friends before the tide comes in and immerses the cages in water. Brock challenges the leader using his Lotad and wins after just two attacks. Team Rocket is making their way along the same path when they stumble upon a cage full of Ekans.

Now that he’s received a badge from the Rustboro City Gym, Ash is ready to leave Rustboro and head off to Dewford Island for his next gym battle. Drew’s Roselia gives an excellent performance, netting him an extremely high score. Once inside, he learns that the strange old man is actually the president of Devon Corp!

He offers to show them how to make berry blocks.

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