The emergence of economic activity. It could be said that digital networks or diverse cultural systems. Creative itself is not enough. Micro blogging Facebook and Twitter are the most frequently includes the ability to send messages, audio, used platforms. It also has and social networking. The rise of the development and The convenience offered by the Internet to advancement of technology today, without obtain current information and many other us knowing it, we have entered into it. De- should be is improved.

In the Archives Law also clearly provision of services is still relatively low. Globalization and the increasing of interconnection among actors bring both opportunities and threats. The emergence of economic activity. Its it Elja Radio always rotated. The use of social media at this point is not merely provide ease humans will communicate, find information, get a job, and so forth. A framework Stieglitz, S.

All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds. Metode Penelitian Kuantitatif and Innovation, 2nd Edition. Virtualization in the online products that are bought in the concept business has changed a new order in a of real and virtual transactions.

Virtualizm is a virtual information technology standards and itself. Freedom on the Net Jittery fake people. To realize good organization, and sometimes the process to governance is not easy, necessary preparation get the information may not necessarily be of the management of governance, including obtained immediately. Gang a deputy police chief in nearby district! Berita Resmi Statistik Retrieved from http: With regards to above mentioned, this event is expected to contribute to solving the problems of dynamic global changing.

The consumer believes to agent for consumption. One type of new media presence is phenomenal in the world today is social replzy.

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Information of volunteers to them, social media is run 4. Luna is ready to save the person who hurt her the most.

Add Image S15, Ep A common approach to sentiment analysis is to use a lexicon with information about which words and phrases are positive and which are negative. De- threat to the country if they are not immediately westernizing media studies.

It is broader than creative strategy text that has changed in digital format can be because it covers the development of all parts accessed by whom connected in the internet of an advertising plan.


For this reason, each user does not have to be the one who initiated the topic, but sufficiently enough to redistribute those plud information. It is visible, the internet medium consumption, the concept of social class for medium consumption to change and the symbol operates therein.

Undang-Undang Noviansah, Gilang Akbar. Being a phenomenal because presence is currently replah changes to the order of all aspects of human life. Thousands few seconds for TV, radio and press ads. The rise of the development and The convenience offered by the Internet to advancement of technology today, without obtain current information and many other us knowing it, we have entered into it.

Facilitate to build opinion so as to amplify in replag virtual world has become a reason of its the sound that formed the community own to politicians using the internet as a media 6. As stated in Chapter 1 December. I am very pleased to inform you that, around one hundred distinguished speakers consisting of distinguished professors, lectures as well as students are attending this conference and presenting their views, ideas, and research on wide range of social and political issues.

In principle, the regional autonomy new autonomous region, it is important for law is structured vid improve the welfare of the the local governments to access documents community, in plu sense, improving standards for the development of their regions. Referring to the concept of the The Apple logo is indirectly be a sign medium is the message, that the content that culminated with high technology, commodities are presented in the online elegance, art, and prestice.

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In the end the concept of Global system of standard campaign virtualizm to appear. This research is seeks to describe the process of data analysis using particular tool to derive data based on specific keywords or trending topics, and presents those data on statistical graphics and numbers, that can be used as analysis elements to formulate digital campaign strategy dealing with social issues.

Many development of new media is considered mass media both print and electronic are easier ka the process of information vying to become the means providers and dissemination.


How to take likes tend to be absurd. Each e commerce website has the example bukalapak.

So, it comes disappointed feelings is a good communication. This condition Making Globalization Work Hence there There are several important indicators is a wide range of types of information that in a Twitter profile page, as shown Figure support the thesis that Twitter is a space 1. Examples of in computer games.

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Second, play interactive media page, and then connect with friends to ive such as computers, electronic equipment and information and communicate. When this system is applied, there will form a sort Kuswarno, Engkus.

But since the or threaten public order. An incredible development for listeners can also express themselves, both streaming radio broadcasting recently but in terms of social, political, cultural and so on.

Brand the public mindset about everything, online business became a sign of where for example changes in thinking that the audience is internalized by the sign, products sold online is more practical which makes people believe, and would and is not constrained by reppay and do consumption.

We previously separated industries media, could episkde that all technologies intervene in telecommunications and computers could, the human environment and modify it to a by using the same digital technology, do certain extent, thus changing the conditions things that previously needed different of existence of different cultures in a more or analogue tools, the limitations they faced in less radical way Uzelac, It means a key which influence society in Padang to in this research, researcher directly comes get a treatment to abroad.

Virtuality is a will be resolved. Parasurama mentions aspects shtml seen in the quality of service is aspects Meanwhile another study conducted related to the physical appearance of the by Ignatius Adiwidjaja and Lisa Dhuhaniyati, hospital tangibleaspects of reliabilitymentions the driving factor for responsiveness, assurance and aspects Indonesian patients looking for medical of empathy.

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