She is a girl with a trauma of love because she was molested and raped in the past. Jimena Elizondo 3 episodes, Juan later returns to Norma’s life and meets his son. Gabriel later dies after being shot by Franco and tells Gabriela that he will never forgive her before he dies. But, unexpectedly, Oscar falls for Sari. She killed many characters in the series.

Jimena Elizondo Paola Rey is a beautiful model who wants to live life to the fullest and immediately takes a liking to the Reyes brothers. Let us know in the comments section below. She was later suffocated to death when Gabriela covered her head. It was a show filled with fun, comedy, romance and even unexpected surprises. Gabriela later renews her soul and the Samonte’s forgive her for her sins. In 19th century Mexico, Dr.

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Welcome to Rappler, please select your default country: Don Diego de la Vega opposes the corrupt tyrants of Spanish California as the masked swordsman, Zorro. Betrayed TV Series She later comes out of her shell and learns that she can not control who she falls in love with. A childhood friend of the Samonte brothers.

Retrieved from ” https: Loving, protective and like a father to his younger siblings. Cia later tried to escape from Gabriel’s hands, but unfortunately she was shot in the back, which caused her to become paralyzed. Franco Reyes Michel Brown is the youngest paasion sibling. The more he spends time with the family, the more he’s sure of Gabriela’s guilt. Jamie will be killed by Gabriel’s henchmen.


She killed many characters in the series.

Juan must think of a way to get closer to the truth he’s so desperately seeking, and the only way he finds is to make Norma fall in love. Juan, Oscar, Franco and Lyvia’s friend. She, Norma and Sari later get kidnapped and Gabriel perpetrated an acid attack and threw it unto her face, damaging it greatly. He treats them like a brother. Norma’s ex-boyfriend who she was forced to love. When Lyvia is murdered by Gabriela, Oscar and his brothers seek justice for what happened.

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She is the middle child of the Elizondo sisters and is suffering from ‘middle-child syndrome’. Three men in search of revenge find love.

She truly does fall in love with Oscar, even though she denies it sometimes. But he later finds out that she is only fooling him. Franco then meets a woman named Jenny. When Olivia was brutally raped and murdered, Juan and his brothers will stop at nothing to bring justice to her death.

These stories made other people Check them out! But he imprisoned her into an island and he forced her to get married.


He was imprisoned because of drugsbut later renews himself. Juan Karlos Labajo from season 1 was also present. Henry is loyal to Gabriela because she helped him find his daughter.

Out of spite, he marries an old, rich woman who had been obsessed with him. She is a girl with a trauma of ee because wmor was molested and raped in the past. Juan, being the eldest, wanted was to provide pazion better life for his family after their parents died.

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However, when they learn that Libia is pregnant, they sanction a marriage between their sister and Bernando. Audible Download Audio Books. This is the first novela I watched to the end on Telemundo because the story and the actors are all excellent.

Ruth represents the symbol the Reyes brothers can still hold to Libia. He later comes back into Gabriela’s life but plans revenge using his son Fernando.

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