And the arrest doesn’t count? No, you said not to walk out the door. They need to get on with the lessons and Kate is going to film Sunny so she can see where she’s going wrong and improve. As they talk Zeke rearranges his pens. I just want to see what your next move is And I’ll be wearing Kate’s shoes.

Great father figure that’d make me. He reckons it’ll be ok in time for the Deb. Finding the pens Yeah, or maybe not. Ramsay Street The stranger is back, looking at the houses one by one. Karl looks out of the studio and sees Zeke pacing up and down looking agitated. And he freaks out if you touch his things like his pens.

How are we supposed to learn about sharing if there’s nothing in here to share. Sunny knows she’s clumsy, but she’s not that bad! I’m still grumpy at what you said but when I saw this I got it.

Ringo Brown Kym Valentine They start off with episove sway and introduce a clap which Sunny is completely useless at so they lose that particular stellar move. Ringo tells Harry Susan isn’t quite up to tutoring his Shakespeare report anymore, but he discretely gets help from Libby. Cue Zeke’s memory of Libby screaming ; Karl’s memory of holding the broken helmet Pirate Radio Lost Boy is on the air and Karl drops in to see him.

I just want to see what your next move is They used to be her mum’s, she was a really good dancer.


I’m just looking for a house. Parents say that sort of stuff all the time, but they never mean it. Benjamin Jay Protester 1: Zeke watches, irritated and suspicious at the same time. Harry calling into Dr Karl on Pirate Net’s Lost Boy show, concerned for his friend Zeke who is developing obsessive behaviour, like lining up pens.

Karl, Sunny and Kate look at Zeke, dumbstruck. Who taught you that word? Because I need one. This is not the way. Libby leaves the girls to it and Kate asks if Sunny is ready to bust some moves. Donna stops her and says that she knows that Kate was teaching her to dance and that Sunny was episofe it for her.

Yeah, Neighboure don’t think they’ll go for it. Zeke leaves the studio and Karl speaks to the caller. Instead, they resort to more inventive team work. He thinks that she should epiwode take it up again. While spinning, Sunny falls over twisting her ankle. He flips out and says that she is going to break and ankle so she can not wear the shoes.

Search for ” Episode 1. At that point the boys march in. Written by KGF Vissers.

Yeah, I will and I’ll be dancing in them. Sophie Ramsay Jackie Woodburne Since he’s neighboure rubbish from Number 28, Karl asks to see it.

Neighbours Episode from –

Toadfish Rebecchi Morgan Baker First episode with ‘This Week’ preview at the start, ‘Previously’ recap moved to after the opening titles and ‘Tomorrow on Neighbours’ preview at the end. Karl doesn’t know anything about that as he deliberately puts the pen down in a different place to where he picked it up.


Because if you did know a person with a problem like that, or had that problem yourself you should talk to someone about it.

Our 5 Favorite Things About episodr Oscars. There’s a knock at the door it’s Ringo for Libbyand Toadie worries that Callum really needs the bathroom. neihbours

Neighbours Episode Guide: 5764-5788

He’s not backing out now. Sunny says neeighbours really wants to learn and she wants to prove to Zeke she can dance in the dance shoes.

Zeke asks if it was Harry who called the station. Zeke is starting to panic, and is pacing up and down. No, I think they’re dangerous. Number 28 Sunny is strapping her ankle up when Karl brings Zeke and the shoes back into the house.

Kelly Aykers As Himself: And is Elle brave enough to put herself on the line again? Well thanks for the info. Zeke cries, and Karl comforts him.

Both youngsters keep 57765 watchful eye on a charming young men who He’s asking where to have coffee, and she tells him that this is the best place. Karl noticing Zeke’s pens all lined up on the radio desk.

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