I liked you better when you were cray. She makes it very clear that she despises him, while flirting over dinner. Rayna eventually wants them back but it’s too late. Maddie finds out that Teddy might not be her real father. Season 1, Volume 1 The Music of Nashville: Retrieved April 4, Unfazed after the showdown, Juliette calls Glenn and tells him to get her publicist on the phone — she has a story to share.

The girls are worried. She goes off on him, insisting she have justice and justice for people like her who fell for their cult BS. Dear Brother 27 Feb Gunnar Scott Robert Wisdom Retrieved February 25, Rayna and Teddy tell Maddie and Daphne about their plans to divorce; Maddie then tells her mother that she overheard her father talking to Peggy on the phone. Retrieved February 11, How does Gunnar get his hair so high?

Twig is tasked with preventing Maddie from finding out again, but he ends up telling her the truth. Gideon is drinking again. When Juliette pushes back, Darius resorts to intimidation, saying he has her on video making threats and irrational statements.

When Juliette plays a secret concert for her fans an accident happens leaving fans with minor injuries including Maddie. Retrieved November 8, Juliette asks Sean to marry her. View all TV Sites. Attorney General and synpsis up Peggy who reveals she is pregnant. There’s a whole lot of tears, love and Connie Britton in the last ever episode. After Juliette goes on a rant Deacon quits her band, Teddy is having a tough nahville with Maddie as she blames him for her parents’ split.

Jessie says he has a long history of legal issues with women he has hired or worked with.

Retrieved February 25, He’s best known for killing zombies, but Norman Reedus is more into sketch comedy than action when he’s off-set. So will the Oscars still rock you?


An Inside Nxshville report comes out that Juliette was horrible to the cult staff in Bolivia and demanded special treatment. List of Nashville episodes.

Dear Brother

But, there is always trouble in paradise. Rayna changes her mind about the trip and goes to tell Deacon that she still loves him. Retrieved March 18, Juliette throws a surprise birthday party for Deacon; Rayna gets hounded by the press because of her divorce. Rayna tells Teddy their daughter knows about Peggy, and Rayna will not Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. That is until later, when she learns that the church is blasting her in the media as an abusive diva who demanded special treatment and was violent towards other members.

Alannah is playing along with him, which leads me to believe she is setting him up somehow.

Search for ” Dear Brother ” on Amazon. Elsewhere, Deacon’s niece, Scarlett O’Connor, struggles to become a singer in her own right while struggling as a waitress and dealing with her boyfriend Avery. Is she strong and smart enough to play him into trouble? Tandy Hampton JD Souther Jonah is still talking to his ex, Mia, but it seems Mia has got a few issues of her own. This is why she has the PHD in hoochie, folks. An Adventure of a Lifetime. When her story makes it on the front sybopsis of what is supposed to be USA Today, Glenn has his concerns.

This story continues to remain important.

Nashville recap: What is Gideon’s secret?

Can you believe it? Season 2, Volume 1 The Music of Nashville: The first season of the American television musical drama series Nashville premiered on October 10, and concluded on May 22, on ABC.


She is mentally unstable and has been using it to keep Jonah on the hook. Should have listened to Glenn. Click here to subscribe. Retrieved February 11, By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Maddie leaves in tears, probably not thinking much about nashviple she and Twig were thisclose to kissing before he told her the truth.

Nashville Recap: Season 6, Episode “For the Sake of the Song” | CMT

Avery Barkley Sam Palladio Rayna meets Deacon’s new girlfriend. Meanwhile, Scarlett gets an invitation to be a band’s lead singer and the song she wrote with Gunnar gets an option contractprompting a passionate kiss between the two and Gunnar to dump his girlfriend and profess his love to Scarlett. Retrieved April 22, Gideon starts reminiscing about how he taught Deacon how to play guitar, but Deke bristles at the whitewashed memory: Deacon and Maddie are furious when they find out the truth which leads Deacon back to drinking.

Rayna and Juliette prepare for their first concert together in San Diego. I feel like I have mentioned predictability around times before when it comes to this show. Retrieved November 1, Scarlett O’Connor Eric Close Retrieved November 12, After Rayna asks Deacon why he joined Juliette’s band, he kisses her.

When he does finally return, he brushes it off saying he ran into old friends.

After all, the old Juliette would have been capable of everything Darius said.

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