Taking the specific instance of the Jews going back in time to try to kill Hitler, and for instance their gun always jamming, or any other attempt not following through, continuing the hypothetical scenario of having to deal with Jews constantly appearing from the future trying to kill him his whole life. I ended up running into Maria as she was entering the building and I was about to head out to grab a slice of pizza before the show, so I stopped her briefly and told her how much I enjoyed her set from yesterday and told her I really appreciate her using comedy to bring awareness and less stigma to mental illness and she gave me a high-five. Texas River School Telephone: Edwards started out a bit shaky, and he admitted he was nervous as this was only his “second time in Austin,” but after accidentally scaring off a girl and her date, he rose to the occasion and built on the crowd sympathy and excitement. The most eventful part being an incredibly tame question asked to a couple in the audience by Ian Edwards making the female in the couple so offended that she left, and then HE left, and the I imagined how many things in this world probably offend that woman and how many things she’s walked out of. Posehn used that point to lead in to his realization that making it to your 40s is a way for you to learn entirely new ways of hating yourself. Join members of Inversion Ensemble as we explore the deep reaches of the human imagination through songs of sleep and visions.

Taking the specific instance of the Jews going back in time to try to kill Hitler, and for instance their gun always jamming, or any other attempt not following through, continuing the hypothetical scenario of having to deal with Jews constantly appearing from the future trying to kill him his whole life. Maron played to a mostly full house at the Stateside Theatre, with a handful of comedians among the audience members Greg Fitzsimmons, most notably, made sure to loudly add his show to the prerecorded plug for upcoming festival events. Once again there was a solid portion of audience interaction, this time with a spry young lady in the front named Kia. Elisabet Ney Museum East 44th St. Group and stud Where: One night someone may be on an incredibly stacked line-up, the next they’ll be guesting on a podcast, the next they’re a part of some uniquely structured format of comedy you’ve never seen before. Passport to Iron City. Austin Film Society Telephone:


Moontower Comedy Festival

It doubtlessly puts asses in vacant seats. He opened with Vinny Vedcci as he introduced comedians, even bringing it as far to do impressions of other celebrities while in character, developing a little bit of plot with the character through his bits, which ultimately led to an understandable reasoning for why he was no longer hosting being arrested by the Italian police, of courseand to fesfival in hosting duties, was on the scene reporter, Herb Welch.

Brauntex Performing Arts Theatre W.

It felt like a game of Where’s Waldo, if Waldo were incredibly noticeable and found you? Holmes worked over the crowd like a champ and in our brief talk afterwards comes off as being a very gracious and genuine guy.

The Paramount Theatre

My first show of the evening was Bill Hader, which turned out to be Hader hosting a group of five comedians as his different SNL personas. The issue is that while Louie makes use of a low-key, surrealist sensibility to showcase great writing, Maron employs the same jazzy rhythms in service to stilted line deliveries and odd end-of-scene hooks.

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Then came Alex Koll, an Air Guitar Champion none of this talent was displayed however and Moshe Kasher collaborator, whose nebbish Ira Glass like demeanor gave way to some rage out moments in his set. As you know from my last re-capI saw Emily perform at the Double Trouble showcase, which was the longest set she would be doing at the festival. Kaplan stood out the most on this particular bill because the other acts around him were more straightforward in their performances— or in the case of the woefully misplaced Robert Hawkins, notable for how wrong they were for the bill.

She performed some material that I hadn’t heard the night before, which was SUPER exciting because at these kind of festivals with comedians performing multiple shows in a week, I get It, you’re going to hear a few things more than once if you see the same comedian more than once.

He edits erotic novels by day and works tirelessly by night to improve upon his personal record of I’m not a fan of conspiracy theories, and I’m not even going to call that one, but it definitely had its points. Che, of course, not only doesn’t a tv show, he linehp doesn’t have the hordes of idiotic, douchebag fans Jeselnik attracts.


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Michelle Obama is bringing the second leg of her live U. Annual Austin hip-hop festival draws Travis Scott and more big names.

It should be an honor if a comedian wants to specifically pick on you for whatever reason they want to, you are special enough that this comedian is willing to share their light with you, positively or negatively. I will never respect nor understand them. Mpontower Module Show Tags. His portrayal of lead singer Barry Gibb is with a zest for detail, like no other. The only reason I efstival use that term so harshly is a woman sitting not far from me yelled a boisterously audible “BOOOO” close to the end of his set.

I feel like most people expect female comedians to talk about comdey, so it was great to see a divergence from that to prove that lady comedians have more things to talk about. Admission free, donations welcome.

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William Chris Vineyards Telephone: Austin History Center Telephone: Please join us at The first guests who arrive Needless to say, I’m excited to share that interview with everyone in the near future.

She made a bold and intelligent decision to perform material other than stuff about relationships at an all girls show, which again, if you read my recap from yesterday, her being single material is probably some of my favorite material on the subject moontoqer I’ve ever heard. The anything-goes entry policy can certainly turn new fans on to talent they might have otherwise missed. To try to keep this short unlike most of Janeane’s setI almost felt like was watching Jody Foster’s Golden Globes speech.

Are you considering home beekeeping? Thursday night, both the character-driven 7 p. Your actions interfere with the experience of every single person in the room with you. That may be because smart phones have become such a force to be reckoned with at shows, as audiences are more concerned with capturing the moment than living in it. I had the intentions of checking out The Bro Show, lineu; at that point was two whole hours away.

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