I didn’t know that Humans watched that guy MaSsan announced on his stream, on the 1 May , that he had left Team SoloMid due to upcoming changes in the team that he disagreed with, though stressed they mutually agreed to the decision and both parties remain friendly towards each other. Harry “MaSsan” Cheong is a professional hearthstone player and streamer from South Korea, currently teamless. My problem with him is that he acts all happy and saintlike, trying to stimulate communication between his and his chat, but as soon as criticism even if it has a base not sure if that’s the correct way to put it, English isn’t my native language comes up you get permanently banned. Global Offensive and Hearthstone and their respective scenes. P4wnyhof’s statement wasn’t homophobic — the other guy, with gay parents, parents which Hitler would have hated, stated that Hitler should’ve killed people like P4wnyhof. B7 17 – 24th. Find out in the:

I didn’t see P4wny’s comment in context, maybe it was meant to be funny, but considering he’s supposedly all about Good Vibes, I really don’t get why he’d make such a comment in the first place. This break was due to his monitor breaking and thus he had to use his television to play StarCraft, resulting in delay which was too significant for him to continue playing. Please enable JavaScript to get the best experience from this site. He, however, critiques his playing style by stating that often he “relies too heavily on card advantage since there are many other factors in the game other than that”. Email required Address never made public. People are so desperate to stir up drama whenever there is a chance for it. It was announced on 23 June that Cloud 9 had signed MaSsan, becoming the seventh player on their roster. Heroes of Cards – Cup 1.

What did you expect? His chat looks like there’s people in it, but the numbers say mxssan. MaSsan had to block his Battle. Again, P4wny fucked up big time and created a bad image for professional German gamers. What makes it so weird, if not borderline suspicious? Viewbotting, cheating in dramw tournament, saying homophobic shit, banning people for asking why he would behave like this, removing Lifecoach from his friend list and accusing him for stealing content because Lifecoach spectated him during a 5 min break and so on Create a free website or blog at WordPress.


Please enable JavaScript to get the best experience from this site. The outcome of the tournament — in the end — was rdama affected by the mistakes. I think it’s a shame that these professional hearthstone icons cant be civil for the good of the game and the community. If you seriously wanted a reply from him, you should have messaged him hd on twitch or on twitter in private, not during his working hours when he’s entertaining his viewers.

In fact, Pwnyhof payed AtheneLive once to ensure that there are a lot of donations to roleplay as a completely nice and famous guy!

MaSsan, viewbotting, Drama in /r/hearthstone – Vegas E-sports

This is a whine thread, because you were banned. MaSsan is also the one of the higher ranking Arena players in traditional tournaments; finishing as runner up in Lord of the Arena 1 and winning Lord of the Arena 2. This site uses cookies.

Find out in the: I don’t see the problem with this statement: I like reactive cards that have multiple purposes and Edwin VanCleef is the definition of that in my opinion”. Blogs express my own opinions which might be. Finnish High Memelord of the Twitch region. He have always been an ‘arrogant jerk’ – imo.

There is nothing wrong with being happy and optimistic, but when something negative crosses your path the best thing to do is to address it, not to ignore it.


Licenses for other media varies. He didn’t act professional. You are commenting using your WordPress.

Kinguin For Charity – Winter Edition In that light, this part of the comment is completely inappropriate. He has participated in many other tournaments, as detailed below.

He’s just such a joke. B7 17 – 24th.

This page was last edited on 24 Octoberat Upcoming Massann National Esport Championship: MaSsan must be using viewbots. He succumbed to provocations by other HS players and viewers like you and started mocking other players. Lord of the Arena 2.

Orange about the MaSsan drama: ”I don’t think he’s got a career in Hearthstone any more”

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: So I read the article above and then decided to ask p4wny about it, my message posted in his twitch chat. You are commenting using your Facebook account. His whole shtick is trying to be positive at all times, spreading good vibes etc. You come to his chat to shit up his stream.

Hs-arena grand opening invitational. Streamers like Kripparian, Trump, Forsen, Reynad gather much more people in facebook, rdama and other podcasts, and they all have their own, almost cult-like followings, memes and viewerbases. Crama 5 – 8th. The way Sintolol reacted was inexcusably stupid though.

First of all, he replied to someone who said that Hitler should’ve killed handicapped people like P4wnyhof. Lord of the Arena 3.

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