Basiness in Kentucky tobacco has been quiet but prioes Mr. Duplicate orders for heavy-weights are being received more or less regularly, but the aggregate is not large and the demand is principally for mercerized worsteds rather than regular worsteds. Aside from the Jurassic volcanics, the remainder of the land surface in the study area consists of Pleistocene or Recent deposits. Measurements were taken on a weekly basis for the growing season and for the winter and spring. The ready sales of ulations of currency in the Snb-Treasurj? The spray is also carried a greater distance inland during these periods of exceptional winds, as the above authors have also verified.

Thanks are extended to Dr. Ath vieek of June. There was no significant f a l l in salt deposition at greater distances. Toledo — m 8,, -t -H-9 Dayton Akron Springfleld. It was argued that cGnsistency demanded such an attitude, whether it really was sincere or hypocritical. The vegetation of the coastal spruce forest will not be discussed here since a detailed description is provided later in the thesis. In fact, the stations are among the highest in North America for this factor. This is particularly important when only one set of sample data per plot is obtained.

May, Lop Angeles, Cal Light Go’s RocheBter Railway. The inventory filed by the Union Trust Co. Boyce and others discuss the physics behind this statement. The thermometer has Madison, Florida. Wells and Shunk considered that the loblolly pine was the most sensitive of the woody plants able to survive in the weak or landward side of the spray zone and, therefore, could be used as an indicator species in determining the width of the spray zone at various points along the coast.

Besides, judging from maruna Treasury a significant feature.

The Secreter idea of the scale of the outlays is furnished by carry- tary of the Treasury has been coining the silver buling the comparison somewhat further back. The Associated Oil Co. If conden-sation was sufficiently high to cause droplets to form and drip to the ground, salts could be removed in the process. The concentration of salts deposited apparently decreases inland. The Court holds, however, that the exples thereof.


Wicker of New York; H “n F. For example, certain ions necessary for the growth of plants could be taken into the plant by foliar absorption. Samples were collected for laboratory analyses. Air currents are deflected by objects such as a coastal forest; the velocity of the wind is subsequently slowed; the less turbulent air is capable of holding fewer and smaller spray droplets, that is, its carrying capacity is reduced and the spray droplets are deposited on contact.

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May, 49, 50, July 1 to May Both the Brooklyn Eipld Transit Co. It has now been generally accepted that the high levels of salt contributed by ocean spray, are wholly or partly responsible for. Delhi, Ohio 2 Issues.

July 9, 1904, Vol. 79, No. 2037

Cumulative totals of ocean spray for six sites over a one-year period 89 14a. Wells and Shunk contradicted these ideas by pointing out that coastal growth forms commonly called “wind forms” are more widely the product of salt spray. Salts need not be dissolved in water but may be carried in the air as salt crystals Karschqn This is due to the low tolerance to internal accumula-tions of salts and lack of the special adaptive morphological features which would restrict entry marna the ions.

It was suggested that the ions of the dissolved salts may, therefore, be toxic to some plants Boyce b marinaaWestingWalton Retention of these cations in the soil varies considerably with calcium being the highest and sodium the lowest. Wettest month precipitation inches: Components of particular value in this regard were soil moisture, soil chemical parameters, ocean spray and throughfall.

These two species are sometimes seasonn growing together, especially in subhydric habitats. United States Rubber Co.

Commercial and Financial Chronicle, July 9, , Vol. 79, No. | FRASER | St. Louis Fed

In London, as already almost at a standstill. Some studies on this subject include those by Swansoh and WhitneyFisher and WalkerOland and OplandKoontz and BiddulphProebstingand Schopmeyer Ill ifi Apr’04 Dune ridges are best developed in bays receiving the maximum force of the summer onshore winds such as Cox Bay and the southeast end of Wickanninish Bay. While most of the Sitka spruce on the west coast occurs in one or the other of these two major groups, there is a minor spruce component over the remainder of the area.


Here, wind-blown sand as well as sand moving by longshore d r i f t i s trapped in the lee of the point. Since Great Britain yan. Provision hasbeen made therein for all claims in respect of losses during Passengers and Freight.

The rocks are very resistant to weathering except along the joints; therefore, erosion has resulted in increased surface roughness. Of course many bination do a yery large others also rely largely that off exports from upon freight traffic for their Through the reyenue. Bath “Bath Iron Works The thermometer has averaged 80 Shreveport, Louisiana.

Following field tests, further modifications were made to overcome problems created by heavy precipitation. It was also noted by Boyce that bursting bubbles in the foam which is deposited along the shore do not forecefully eject droplets into the a i r. James R, Ferens; Secretary, Mr. The company owns an iron furnace at Jenifer, Ala.

By cable from Liverpool we have the following Total exports 11,A oantar is 98 lbs. The Picea sitchensis – Rubus spectabilis forest type A wire frame holding a one square inch piece of filter paper is mounted inside the tube and oriented in a plane perpendicular to the long axis of the tube Figure 3. New MobUe The first was the open- be judged from probability, not various points of view.

Our correspondents in Alabama and in some Atlantic sections note improvement in the crop as a result of the rains. Grande Western for both years. Picea sitchensis – Gaultheria shallon vegetation data Herrin and Kruttsctinitt are officers of the Southern Pacific Co.

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