They had decided to eat out instead, in my absence…” Take a hint, Aunty. I did see eleven stars and the sun and the moon: However, if I were to order anyone to prostrate before anyone else besides Allah, I would have ordered the wife to prostrate before her husband. I was listening to the lecture “In halaat mein kya karna chahiye” by Farhat Hashmi where she was mentioning how our hearts have become “tung” and all we want is our own car, our own food and me, me and just me and how the sense of caring for each other has been lost. This scenario has been repeated every single day over the years, so by now the “majazi khuda” has lost the habit of having his wife at the table while he eats. Youre an example of why The term Majazi Khuda exists in islam to save the lives of women such as yourself from self destruction and a westernizing thought process that clearly fails proven by statistics.

Cut to the reality show ” Shadi Online “, in which single people seeking marriage, or “candidates”, are aired on TV so that they can get proposals via the media. Well, all I am saying is, give cooking and eating the priority in life which it deserves. If a lot of women are complaining about how they are treated in their in- law families that means they are not in peace,and living their lives like slaves. Is that why parents raise sons? It was an act denoting respect and acknowledgement of authority, because when this happened, Prophet Yusuf held a high post of the State Government. Ekk Nayi Pehchaan 10th January by Sony tv.

A girl who gets married and soon starts demanding a separate house najazi be correct in principle but it would be totally inappropriate. Pavitra Rishta 10th January by Zee tv. Go ahead, you just might be surprised. You are commenting using your Twitter account. A person was sitting outside the tent, and some one inside the tent was groaning.


You have overwhelmed me with your benevolence. From the way youre talking, I can sense that youre on your way to a divorce. A house wife is a far more important role than any occupation a woman can invest in.

One particular detergent ad showed a husband lauding his wife for successfully removing the stains of dirt off his shirt, while she winked at the viewers and admitted that the detergent did it. The man said that inside the tent his wife was groaning with labor pains. Mera Sultan Is An Pakistani drama serials which on air from Geo Kahani television which is an pakistani channel you can Watch this drama serial from daily motion and youtube external links for todays Mera Sultan episode you can see links below to watch Mera Sultan 13th January It was easier earlier when there was no rent, no electricity bills, etc.

In the end, she convinces the viewers how she gets extra love, acceptance and praise by her “family” because of her delicious culinary skills.

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Jazakumullahu Khairan, brother and Sister Ameera, for your wise and positive feedback. The same methodology goes for the husbands and work issue.

Sadaf in many ways. Our parents old home are their children. A woman must serve her husband according to Al-Maruf, which means that the standard of society based on their status applies to them.

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Anyway, If you respect him, he will love you, else he will hate himself, and eventually you if you argue like this and disrespect you majazi khuda. Click to Subscribe http: There is nothing wrong with men helping out in the kitchen, or eating simple food.

Marketers and advertisers have just one major aim as far as using the media to reach this illiterate majority goes: Which girl would want to lose out on that happiness by demanding a separate home? Browsing All Articles Articles. Cut to the reality show ” Shadi Online “, in which single people seeking marriage, or “candidates”, are aired on TV so that they can get proposals via the media.


The book referred to by Brother tabman is an excellent read, and I strongly recommend it to everyone — married or single. And get a life!


Privacy Public Private Choose whether to make your playlist public or private. Here is a hadith that proves this: Yes; but that is also where the problem starts…. Sighing, but not saying a word, she goes back into the kitchen to fetch his fork.

The help provided by a wife who lives in the deser is not like the help provided by a wife who is a city dweller, and the help of a strong woman is not like the help of a weak woman so the matter depends upon Al-Maruf — upon the situation of the husband and wife, and upon the norms of the society they live in.

They had decided to eat out khuea, in my absence…” Take a hint, Aunty. In a country where majority of the population is illiterate i. By the way, I have many “aunties” as confidantes. Pleasing them means adding to the peace and security of the home.

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Testosterone is testosterone and estrogen is estrogen. Take care of episove jackpot… I mean, the husband, and slog at the kitchen, laundromat or ironing board, while he devours eye-candy before the television set, secretly rolls his eyes at our constant nagging, and stifles his yawns during trips to the mall.

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