However, thumbs up for everything for this show. A group of sword dancers are brought out to entertain the guests. Oh Eun Ho Supporting Cast. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Mad Rain is coming!! Episode 12 by LollyPip.

After the new wife leaves to get tea, Minister Min asks if its hard on In Hyun that he got a new wife this quickly. Overall, I’m just happy to not see the plot drag since this is right where most dramas do and the kiss could have been worse. Ok Jung says that is like water in a tub, the depth can only be ascertained as the water is scooped out. Have you tried using dramafever. R January 27, at 2: Sign In Sign Up. I like that she has spunk.

Oh, I totally agree with you on sramacrazy your points, but I’d say this was more of an editing effect problem. Lee Soon is young and quite true to himself. Bae Soo Bin Main Cast.

What are you planning? Yoon-ju introduces herself formally to the staff and continues with the princess grooming, finding amusement in the painful massage she puts Seol through. Hi guys, first off, apologize to Miss K for hijacking your blog to share this information.

When Lee Soon walks past him, he pauses for a moment, clearly aware of what Minister Heo and the Noron faction tried to do to him. I’m glad the director isn’t wicked editing this kiss to end ep. He’s actually extremely convincing here. On the contrary, I often feel episkde little awkward for them, as if they were cousins, or siblings. Heo Yi Seul Supporting Cast.


I love the way this drama portraits the charactor of Lee Soon. JD January 27, at I hope it happens with MP as well, because these two are just too darn cute: Adobe Flash Player version 9 or above is required to play this audio clip.

Oh, poor you and your heavy burden, scorpion queen. I think that it’s partly because of the misleading way the preview was edited that many people got that notion. Because I got curious about what they were saying about Hammie looking too young, I looked up the actual historical figures Wikipedia is a good friend. He has no allies, all he has is dramacrszy ability to turn his enemies against each other to maintain the balance of power.

Gah, is there no drama storyline untouched by Fate? Hae-young criticizes the way Seol cuts her steak, which is so petty that I love it. Posted April 30, Lee Soon and Prince Dongpyung arrive at the party and are seated.

Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love Episode 6 Recap

The one, singular, make-it-or-break-it event upon which the future of the entire monarchy rests… NOT. But just looking her in this scene makes me smile Minister Jo finally grows a pair and puts his wife in her place. Have you tried using dramafever. I really don’t want any of the OST to be playing during the kiss scene. And it would explain why Seol’s father told her to stay put in a different spot.

All the Ministers start bowing and chanting and Minister Heo is the epksode to follow suit.


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I freaking love the interactions between seol and HY. Pulling him to her, Seol gives him a kiss on cramacrazy cheek. I was actually a bit angry after watching this but you calmed me down.

On superficial notes, Hae-young is handsome but Eoisode feel more attracted to Jung-woo. To summarize the missing paragraph: He was trying to draw attention away from her, knowing how far HY’s father would go.

Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love Episode 6 Recap | A Koala’s Playground

In Kyung is clearly affected when Lee Soon gets close and touches her hand to show her how to toss. The music really bothers me jungg this show, so the silence was welcome during this pivotal scene where I was totally squealing and writhing in my chair I like the kiss too.

Prince Dongpyung tries to rush back to the banquet but Jang Hyun grabs him and says its too late dgamacrazy.

He is worried that the King does not visit the Queen but the Dowager Queen tells him not to worry. I like that she has spunk.

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