You are guaranteed to be one of the top 50 students. I guess cuz they teach a lot of classes school lack of experienced teachers for form 5: Berikan dua peristiwa yang menunjukkan nilai kasih sayang. However , this paper was devious especially P1. Usaha-usaha ke arah pelaksanaan Dasar 1Murid 1Sukan dan masalah-masalah yang dihadapi dalam pelaksanaan tersebut. I’ll do that once the full results are out.

However , this paper was devious especially P1. Share on Track this topic Print this topic. Dua peristiwa negatif yang membawa teladan dalam kehidupan kita dalam dua novel. Usaha-usaha ke arah pelaksanaan Dasar 1Murid 1Sukan dan masalah-masalah yang dihadapi dalam pelaksanaan tersebut. You are strong in Chinese, which is damn rare to see someone like that. Perbandingan — satu latar masyakarat dalam setiap novel. I had read and practised Novel questions months before , so I took a few glances on tema , watak , latar , nilai , pengajaran , teknik plot. Very happy with my P1 , had a few first-draft slips in my continuous writing though , will try to minimise them in SPM.

2011 Spm Bahasa Malaysia

I paid more attention on the menstrual cycle part. Bandingkan satu perwatakan watak utama dalam 2 novel. The stress can get to you sometimes so it’s best to not lose motivation when things don’t go as planned. Punca berlakunya tekanan mental dalam kalangan remaja dan langkah-langkah mengatasinya. Kemukakan 3 peribahasa berdasarkan situasi. Jenis-jenis ayat suruhan, larangan, silaan dan permintaan.

Langkah-langkah yang telah diambil untuk mencegah pembalakan haram dan kepentingan mengekalkan kawasan hutan.


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Remain composeddon’t let the results affect me. Isi tempat kosong dengan peribahasa yang sesuai.

Well, I just got my BC and Physic back. Berdasarkan dua novel, huraikan perwatakan watak utama. Ren Jye Chong Category: Nyatakan peribahasa yang sesuai dengan ayat-ayat yang diberi. I only joined lowyat last year. This is not intended for self-indulgencebut as a reflection. It paid off I thinkone question Hikayat Langlang Buana read: D You must have mistaken.

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Please help us to share our service with your friends. Usaha-usaha untuk menangani masalah tekanan mental dalam kalangan pelajar dan kesan-kesan masalah mental kepada pelajar. Please copy and paste this embed script to where you want hikayaf embed Embed Script. I told myself I would be happy with just straight A’sI had the feeling that I couldn’t achieve that.

Tanggungjawab remaja sebagai pengguna dan usaha-usaha memupuk kesedaran kepenggunaan dalam kalangan remaja. It felt a bit awkward never drew supply and demand graphsnever computed cukaiso I had some trouble in P2.

Dua keistimewaan perwatakan watak utama. Hikayar finished Carbon Compounds and Chemical for Consumers a week before the break all by myself as my teacher skipped the topic and was taking his own sweet time giving out handouts for those chapters. I had read and practised Novel questions months beforeso I took a few glances on temawataklatarnilaipengajaranteknik plot. Size px x x x x Sep 20 Remember who you are Group: Menggabung-kan dua ayat dengan menggunakan kata hubung yang sesuai.

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Huraikan tiga peristiwa yang memperlihatkan latar masyarakat yang prihatin terhadap masalah orang lain. I needed to rest badly after all those harrowing papers. Satu persoalan dalam setiap dua novel.


Show posts by this member only Post Share on Track this topic Print this topic. Read latest posts or hide this alert. Aside alnglang not having enough time to finish all the chapters especially the form five onesand racing against time to cram as much as I could.

Although I thought I had everything under controlbut I realised hikaayt I had neglected Sejarah for far too long. I’m still barely your level: I as usual failed my Mandarin A bit under-prepared for P2but I think I managed to do just fine. English is the subject which I paid the least attention to.

Hikyaat actually, many of my friends doesn’t believe that i got a B in PMR chinese. Overall I’m satisfied with Physics my favourite subjectalthough I will at least practice once a week now. On a brighter note, my school gonna start Gerak gempur for SPM canidates which I heard is just a collection of trial exams from other states: Worked so hard after PMR.

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