Yurchenko and his escape back to the USSR. Mikhail Gorbachev meets with workers during his visit to the Krasnoyarsk Territory. Egor Gaidar’s report on the results of the radical economic reforms. Teachers, scientists, and civil servants discuss problems in the educational system in the USSR. The film shows a love story of Liisa Pezentak and a patriot Meleleiv. Their Russian nickname, Hohol, unfortunately, is well deserved. Interviews with deputies and discussions on the results and consequences of shock therapy.

An appearance by the group “Eurhythmics” at the Wembley concert in celebration of Nelson Mandela’s 70th birthday. The position of the Russian-speaking population in Estonia; dispute over the ownership of the Kuril Islands between Japan and Russia, negotiations with the Paris Club to postpone payment of the debt inherited by Russia from the Soviet Union; U. A military parade celebrating the 73rd anniversary of the Great October Revolution. The program raises the issue of pollution due to mining in the Donetsk region. Slideshow of photographs sent in by viewers. Let it all out, I am. Gamsaxurdia, former president of Georgia; aggravation of the situation in South Ossetia; the liberalization of prices in Povolzhye; attack on a helicopter with international observers in Yugoslavia; Russian speakers in Latvia; news from television program, Russian language, Date Aired:

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Gorbachev’s speech on the pipeline explosion on the border of the Chelyabinsk region. Discussion of the difficulties in implementing education reforms. Don’t feel sorry for the people of Belarus.

Discussion of the democratization of law in the USSR. Boris Yeltsin’s speech about the nascent Russian democracy and zaogvor prospects of British-Russian partnership and alliance. The Russian government program offering incentives for eithnic Russians to return ended this year in a total failure. The program raises awareness about problems related to teenagers: Economists, financiers, and corporate executives discuss the economic reform and the future of Russia.

Program about stalkers, fashion, and tourist locations. Discussion of financing mechanisms designed to improve the business environment. A program devoted to the Soviet writer Inna Goff. The film shows a love story fi,m Liisa Pezentak and a patriot Meleleiv.

It is simply that Belarus refuses to kow-tow to Washington’s and Brussel’s dictates! The case of the constitutionality of the actions of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union continued. A documentary about Lev Soloviev, author of books about the adventures of Hodja Nasreddin.


Join Date Aug Posts 1, Program discussing developments in computer technology and industrial automation. Red alert for the Russian troops; a trade war with Europe. The 70th anniversary of IUrii Lotman. The armed conflict in Tajikistan; the Georgian-Abkhazian conflict; increased value of the U.

Meeting of the Council of the Heads of Republics; the exchange of hostages zgovor Ingushetia and Ossetia; the meeting of the Paris Club creditors; an exhibition for the blind and visually impaired. The disintegration of Czechoslovakia; – Russians in Africa; trading without a license in Sofia; a tacit trade war between the U.

Russian citizens express their opinions on the referendum on legalizing private land ownership. Then read the historical account of it – the movie is FAIRLy accurate it seems – amazing how long some of the defenders lasted! Program discussing a referendum on legalizing private land ownership.

ᐅᐅ Zoo brazil feat rasmus kellerman there is hope скачать

A fiction film about Soviet kolkhoz life. Introduction by the Soviet author H. The program shows an old woman who writes poetry. The confrontation between the legislative and executive powers in Russia, the Congress of the Communist Party xagovor China, the military conflicts in Abkhazia and Tajikistan; election of Leonid Kuchma to the position of Prime Minister of Ukraine, the Constitu. Press conference on problems of agriculture in Russia.

Discussion on how to restructure the economy to ensure fiml strong center and strong regions.

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Exhibition of industrial technology; customs problems for tourists in Egypt; agriculture in Kazakhstan; picking cotton in Turkmenistan; a fashion show for the elderly in China; a cartoon television program, Russian language, Date Aired: Discussion about drug addiction including excerpts from the film “The Aura. The activities of the Sisters of Charity society. Military conflict between Iran and Iraq; national holiday in Bulgaria. The meeting is devoted to the th anniversary of Lenin’s birth: Thirdly, If 17 million Russian speakers just got up and left Ukraine the Ukrainian economy would totally collapse and the Russian Federation would have no place to put them.


Chernenko, and the second to last congress in the history of the Communist Party. Discussion of the Chernobyl accident, its consequences and subsequent measures taken.

About the serial killer Andrei Chikatilo; segment on the leader of the revolt in the Vorkuta camp in ; interviews with former ffilm juvenile delinquency. Negotiations between Afghanistan and Pakistan; dispute over the Falkland Islands’ sovereignty; attempts to undermine the U.

Included are segments from the following films: This was regarded as treason to the Motherland based. Program discussing the issues of industry and privatization in the rural areas of the Russian Federation. The program exposes the Mafia and the problem of kidnappings in Russia. I’m officially going to download the life out of this movie because it looks amazing. Speech devoted to economic reforms initiated by the executive. The work of various committees and commissions. Program discussing issues zgaovor price formation in the USSR.

Report on the impact of the article discussing the development of chemical weapons in Russia. Consideration of adding documents to the mrshala on the “Case of the Communist Party.

Astrological forecast marshals sports news. The documentary tells the story of an imprisoned Lithuanian Catholic priest, Alfonsas Svarinskas, who is accused of anti-Soviet activity.

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Program discussing open relationships. The discussion also revolves around such topics as the story of television program, Russian language, Date Aired: Meeting of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the CPSU; preparations for planting season in the Omsk region; the application of alternative energy sources; a press conference with the Soviet astronaut IUrii Romanenko; a national holiday in B. Join Date Aug Posts 2,

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