Editura Curtea Vechea, , pp. It seems strange how a whole life can be explained objectively in only a few abstract lines, and one can understand that the being of of those times is still living, owing to the authenticist style of the novel Maitreyi Bengal Nights. There is a gap in the Journal of one month after Nina died, and the next entry mentioning the book is dated 22 of December. By this, Eliade seems to mean their planned rendezvous, not their becoming acquainted, since that episode appears to have been written for the opening of the book [see below]. For several years now, working on the subject Mircea Eliade, I had the privilege to be in touch with many former students and colleagues of Eliade and it became so clear to me that, in one way or another — either in their academic studies or in their spiritual practice — , the encounter with Mircea Eliade changed their lives. There is a kind of medieval expressionism in which deformations and disproportion are transformed into gestures.

I also talked, however, with Monsignor Eric H. The spectacle presupposes unification between actor and audience as well as the act of transcending temporality by living the eternal present of fiction; assimilating the function of the spectacle, Allan reaches the consciousness of the Man-God identity, as he understands that any difference that exists between them is not qualitative but quantitative Mircea Eliade is a Faustian, odyssian and Dionysian character, marked in his destiny by the madness of omnipotence, by peregrination and contradiction. Nella in genere povera, se non miserabile, saggistica del recente passato soprattutto italiana, americana e francese si distaccano, per conoscenza delle fonti primarie e acume di interpretazione, gli interventi del discepolo I. Io non sento che io sono qui. E non parliamo degli infiniti frammenti inediti: I do not pray to Him — because there are believers who do not pray.

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So a new system of images was needed in order to help people to memorize this knowledge. And this is only because of you, and not because of the discipline; at the meeting from Ascona, your personality convinced me to follow you. Whereas in fllm first part of the novel, the journal was an expression of the lived- through experience, it now becomes a principle of commitment to order and value, an ideal culoares of writing. This provides the key to the reading of the letter Maitreyi sends Allan through Khokha: In the discovery and understanding of these two Indias, cultural memory plays a vital role: L’uccisione di Mussolini e della Petacci, e la decisione di esporre i corpi al pubblico ludibrio, ricevettero successivamente numerose critiche anche da parte di esponenti della Resistenza antifascista.


Abbi il coraggio di sentire che sei solo corsivo nostroche i compagni sono stati illusioni corsivo nostrola comunione con gli altri una proiezione oggettivizzata della tua propria debolezza.

Beside her feridiri, Maitreyi realizes this fact in the temple, the confluence space of the three cosmic levels the terrestrial, the subterranean, and the celestial. The imaginary universe, created by self-representation and self-multiplication, abolishes the contradictions between thought and action, between the He and the Other: To be continued and explained. In the short story Nineteen Roses, the playwright Pandele manages to reach the same result, but only due to the force of the theatre.

The procedure itself existed in Romanesque art. The sacrifice of manifest personality is made in favour of an acquisition of self awareness: One cannot talk about its philosophy without speaking about its language, society, erotics, and religion.

But at the same time I wish I could find a datum from which no experience or argument could dislocate me; a static The Romanian version of the article, Pe urmele lui Mircea Eliade. Se il Paradiso esistesse, me ne andrei in Paradiso.


This internal freedom of the imagination, given to medieval scholars and artists, compensated for the rigid dogmatism of the age. There is not even an alley leading to the entrance door, as if it no longer belonged to the real space, being magically confiscated, with all its former glamour, by fericigi Eliadesque texts.

And Calcutta is not the only place in India where Eliade is a subject of study. Qui si rivela il senso occulto del rito sacrificale.

The model of such an existence is provided by the Romanian peasant, who gets along well with both his French master and his new Indian servant. By the complete experience of love, Maitreyi reveals to Allan that this universe of fusion between man and cosmos, spirit and matter, cullarea and reality, presupposes the acceptance of illusion as reason for an existence in continuous regeneration.

It was the first letter and, maybe, the first sign that a new and fascinating way was about to open in front of Henry Pernet: Nel 27 Benevoli e malevoli ammonimenti al riguardo mi sono infatti arrivati da disparati quartieri dopo la pubblicazione della prima parte di questo testo nel quotidiano Rinascita, 7 sett.

Self-editing through journal is a multiplication of the spirit which brings together disparate portraits under a single meaning, prefiguring a work. Su questo tema esiste una letteratura strabocchevole in varie lingue italiano, inglese, romeno, francese, tedesco, spagnolo etc.


Three of his short stories, namely: Non sono mai stato timido, impaziente, entusiasta o sufficiente corsivo nostro. Tornato a casa, egli traccia nel suo diario, in forma altamente drammatica, la diagnosi del male che ha colpito la sua generazione, suggerendone al tempo stesso la terapia. Catherine Spencer A poetess and a philosopher, she makes him understand the analogy between cultural creation and natural creation.

The character aspires to revive a divine experience at the core of his existence, one of unity of thought and deed, one of human completion, of man as a whole being, one who has the possibility of becoming anything by willpower and ritualisation of existence: The journey that the two women take through dark corridors, like in the underworld kingdom of shadows, the famous stranger with long black hair, much like a death god, and the six garlands — a perfect number, symbolizing the reunion of the masculine with the feminine — that he offers Maitreyi as a token of engagement symbolically suggest the connection between sacrifice and fruition, between death and life.

Roman indirect, Building Site. Although he did not have to go to the Legation, Eliade was reading eight—then ten—Portuguese newspapers per day, plus several magazines, and filing reports on them.

He wants the first part of the novel to flow 68 Danielopol was affiliated with the Legation and shared the boarding house in Oxford with the Eliades. Erich Kuby, Il tradimento tedesco, Milano, Rizzoli, He listened to me and offered me a copy of his book, graciously allowing me to take photographs of the drawing room and of the grotto in the palace courtyard.

The city now proves to share a secret with nature and the cosmos, achieving a synthesis of both natural and artificial: If we put the Communist party instead, it could be part of a play performed in Eastern Europe in the eighties.

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At night, sitting on the terrace, I think again about Nina. Sedgwick, Mark, Against the Modern World. People reveal a double hybrid existence: This barrenness does not have a human referent, but a cosmic one.

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