Need the Anime Back! I understand the low ratings because of the fillers arc but why finish now when the manga its getting epic? So its really true I sure hope tite kubo can do something about the anime pls anime gods let bleach come back. No reply from ravager looks like i took care of him. I am on a quest to find the best anime sites on the web and so far I am failing in that quest. In terms of storyline Naruto wins.

I hope it comes back. I was a one piece addict when I was like 4 and 5 and right now I am twelve and honestly feel like I am too old for it. The Secret of Blue Water: I sincerely hope they bring the anime back and finish it properly with the last arc. I have watched bleach since it started to air in the U. For Free Anime http:

It would take time to learn the entire list from scratch, but you are probably already familiar with some of these words.

Bleach could have not ended at Aizen because there was too much left. Bleach is not perfect, actualy it is far from perfect but still I liked it most of all. They still have a few loose ends to tie up. NarutoX March 28, at 5: Really want it to be awesome when it comes back!

Was it just greed that prompted those jerks to cancel the show thinking they would have another blockbuster with that butt hole Rock Lee in his own show? Sunite March 31, at Im only a limited user. I can only pray…. An episode of Bleach anime comprises of about 2 chapters in the manga. But they put fillers right after the fight with grimmijov. These are a epiosde of animerstio fave anime torrent sites… http: I bet there you find a nice Site.


Joetdz March 22, at 6: Just that Bleach has a more serious tone thus appealing to teens and adults…. I may have to start reading the comic.

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Good search engine for anime http: Also a lot of it is just fillers…. Aizen did say at one point that he had been keeping an eye on Ichigo since birth and that he was special ever since he was born.

Split and merge into it. Jamieoz, you need real player: Anyone knows where can i download the full trigun opening theme? It came out on August 22, Until that time comes I will wait in anticipation and continue reading an absolutely superb story Like Like. Sunite May 30, at I want to know… NO! June 13, at 8: Dont talk about Rock lee like that!

This is as good time as any to start getting into other shows while Bleach is gone. There are mainly 2 reasons why they stopped the anime One is the low ratings cause of the animreatio. Every website i go to says it has been removed or I have to pay for. I also like bleach but there are plenty of bleach site out there.


Wise isn’t being smart February 4, at I was a one piece addict when I was like 4 and 5 and right now I am twelve and honestly feel like I am too old for it. The character development is golden though kenpachi, kiske, and even ichigos dad are just a few of the supporting characters that leave you thinking and wanting to know more.

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Which reminded me of bleach at times. It will be back on. I tried auzerus or smtng but I couldnt handle it! I would just hate to see Tite divide everything into more arcs because personally that would just piss me off since everything would just be split up into bits and bobs, with stupid fillers between animeartio arcs. Bleach ending like this leaves way to many things left unanswered and any fan will know those questions. The build up to this story is amazing!! I wouldnt say there is a list of 10, most important English words, but there are 10, of the most common English words.

Sunite July 4, at Head over to guba.

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