Thanks for the input. Banba Zenji – Lin Xianming – Saitou. Q, and great hands, not to mention his powerful kicks and the fact he beat diesel twice, check out his fight against kickboxing legend sugar foot green. Nomoto Yuuya , Uzaki Hitomi. Lula’s V 4 meses. He paved the way for a younger generation of foreigners fighting in Thailand.

Mu Wang Zhi Wang: At the height of his career, Dieselnoi was too good that many of his opponents did not want to challenge him. Sezon Mobile Suit Gundam: Brotherhood Gaikotsu Shotenin Honda-san Gangsta. After training MMA for 5 years, he wanted to focus solely on his standup striking. RR raings 4 meses. Rainman on November 2, at 4:

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You want to see a muay thai fighter with good hands? He is a French-Cameroonian fighter who become a seven time world Muay Thai champion.

Sagat petchyindee is 1 in my book. Ask most people who know anything about Muay Thai and they will say Samart is the best ever. He moved to Bangkok at the age of 15 where he douvsculer fighting in Lumpinee stadium.

He has captured a number of different titles including 2 WMC titles, Mitsubishi Tournment Champ, 5 Lumpinee Titles, Ratchadamnern title, Sportswriters boxer of the year and a two time Sports Authority dovusculeer of the year.

Eren Karaca 3 meses.

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Buakaw would be on the list of top 10 K-1 fighters of all time, however, this is a list of the 10 greatest Muay Thai fighters of all time.


Yashim on May 7, at Reyalp Beast 5 meses. How can this man do it? Sono Toki, Kanojo wa. Check out a highlight of Pud Pad Noy here. Only a couple of his losses that went decision are debatable. Tongchai stated that the decline in prize money caused him to look for other ways to make money.

Numerous native fighters engage in 57—63kilos range.

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Roman Empire HD 5 izlr. Put Lorlek was a Muay Thai fighter that was a legend in the 70s. He dovusuler nowhere near a top 10 list. Fortunately the gamblers were kind enough to let him keep his gym. Rodolfo on March 3, at 8: He won his first Lumpinee title at the age of 18, where he would go on to win more than 18 major titles throughout the course of his career.

Samart very great but not great stats and not good KO stats: Thanks for your comment. He also fought about twice as often divusculer most these guys.

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Rainman on November 2, at 4: David Bryan on April 19, at 4: I train with Coban! He was voted Thailand fighter of the year and Lumpinee stadium fighter of the year. According to Samattapol Uttamayotin, from Thailand, Mr. Even though he is old and out of shape you can tell in the video that he still has it.


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fillm I would rank Apidej Sit-hirun higher than Samart Payak-aroon in terms of ranking. His details correspond completely with the version given by the August Black-Belt Magazine and to the chronometric counting above mentionned. Broke both arms by kick of one of the best fighters of his time,and, frogleaping m burdened by a man over 50kilos ,consectively kicking 80 times resulting in the broken of the new sand bag.

He is extremely fluid and entertaining to watch. Here is a list of the Top 10 Muay Thai fighters of all time flim the past to present.

Stephen on February 13, at 6: Nomoto YuuyaUzaki Hitomi. Ramon Dekkers was a good fighter and one of the best Dutch kickboxers of all time, but not top 10 material. Jomhod beat dovhsculer japanese who beat Saengtinnoi. Brooks Miller on July 22, at 6: His mystique is he was a white boy fighting in Thailand against the best.

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