For a station that didn’t have a show do 30s since perhaps , they’ve racked up the hits the last year and a half. TV Dong Yi Episode I had read that Jang hui bin attacked him before being executed, and let him impotent and with painful wounds http: Choi suk bin was from Cheoning class, the lowest class in society, in the same level as slaves, and that was her status in palace, very low, she was not nearly close to the king or any royal in palace. The Crown Prince and Prince Youn Ing sneak out of the palace one evening when they hear festival music. Sukbins was posthumously given three statured titles as she was noted to always avoid political intrigue, and she did in fact use her status to set up a counsel hall for the serfs. She refuses all the suiters from noble Soron families. Kim Hye Jin Supporting Cast.

I’m currently watching King of Baking and I don’t mind if they decide to extend it or not. Some causes related to spontaneus bleeding due to disorder in cuagulation like liver dysfunction cirrhosis or hepatits , leukemia or other blood disease and even severe hypertension epistaxis signaling nasal blood vessel rupture that preceded brain vessel rupture causing cerebral hemorrhge. Everyone laughs when they hear that she has chosen someone that has no power in politics. Conversations can be shortened, and superfluous ones can be eliminated entirely. Watch Yisan total 77 episodes. If you would like the notations and citations for my response I will provide it separately.

Do ng — yi yi-san and bo bo Jing jing from Chinese drama is the best among all historical drama. That drramacrazy to be why there is less information available about her than other concubines.

Dong Yi recaps episode 45-60 FINAL

You can not present a drama as evidence, rather present reliable sources such as books, historiographer opinions, documents, etc. The extension signed off on that story arc. Thanks in advance Yours, Mrs. Jung Yu Mi Supporting Cast. Chunsoo was there to fill the love triange, if there was supposed to be one. Geum is happy to skip school with the yangban he needs a lesson in not to talk to strangers!

So, the drama is fiction, as nobody knows what really happened. Hope sponsors see this and support your site. DY discovers that the Finance minister and police chief are involved in corruption — allowing yangban to have twice as many slaves and charge them double tax.


His mother is furious and tells the King that the prince is to blame. At that time the assassins can come in and kill DY and the prince. Kim Dong Yoon Supporting Cast. Chun Soo is worried about what to do.

The story line isn’t too slow or boring. Yup u right about that that type of girl u dont see everyday who is sweet nice caring and cares about the people and dong yi she still the best.

And fifth of they did keep all the infomation in the palace on people who work in the palace if u watch tv show dong yi they had all the info includin the lower classes so. Please answer to me.

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There are no refreshing moments anymore!!! I am really getting tired of the same facial expressions draacrazy same reactions by everyone in the cast. Why the King needed to report many things or get approvals from Tsing Dynasty?

At the end of the episode, it showed Sukjong walking with Dong yi. Also according to Confucian law, since his son is now 7 years old he must come back to the palace and have the education befitting his status. DY is made a level 2 concubine.

Dong Yi recaps episode FINAL – dramasROK

DY and Geum live outside the palace. Also, I have a question: I really can’t get enough of Dong Yi.

Dong Yi, for me, is a virtuous woman — who is a model for all women. They hang out together and study together. I Have been watching it 4 the past 3days with just 1hr of sleep now am sick, imaging DY being a true history made me cry my eyes out, I feel the pain, am very emotional. First of all dong yi was really her real name we know that dong yi was a common girls name back in the old days of the chosun regime and her real family name was choi and she was workin as a palace maid servin under queen ichyeon and third of dong yi was a real life person who lost her father and father who framed fo killin nobles and she enters the palace as a palace maid then works her way up to sukbin so how can u say such things if u dont have the real info and facts.


I believe because contaminated seafood for his symptoms. I love watching korean historical fiction drama. Log in with Email. But when the Crown Prince gets better he reveals to his mother that he knows what his illness is. If you want your drama to be saleable and make more profits, please please please – Eugene should have a happy ending with Kim Tak Gu.

The Noron faction back DY and want her to be Queen. The King reveals that he never wanted to execute JOJ but since she showed no remorse he had no choice. The new Queen arrives. She was attractive and also, it was a wise political move by Sekyong. Watch Yisan total 77 episodes. So where can u the real info on dong yi and sukjong on how they died if u dont have the link to the website. Although for me Dong yi is the one from those two, who is closer to the depiction of the characters in real history.

That would give Dong Yi an extra month on the air, pushing the finale broadcast from the from September 7 to October But the King thinks everyone is overreacting. Lee So Yeon Main Cast.

Then the palace will be in chaos as local citizens will be called to come and help put out the fire. Nam Da Reum Supporting Cast. She episde to her duty and protocol, She never entered in palace disputes. Hey if u want to study korean history start watchin korean tv movies and read about korea in history books and in wikipedia. Jung Eun Pyo Supporting Cast. There is some minor notations that she was suspiciously involved in what is believed to be the poisoning of the Queen. Episode 6 by Helcat.

Han Da Min Supporting Cast.

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