Maybe you guys had already figured it out earlier or it was mentioned in an earlier recap. It hooked me and has not released me from its clutches. Her Chinese filmo doesn’t appeal to me which really leaves me with School and Wedding. This drama has explored many horizons at once, which is not something the audience is usually comfortable with. Kang Nam Gil Supporting Cast. What a lovely finish to the series. So true, guess we have to look for my latter half right?

They were both so good in this show that I cannot really describe their essence. Now, off to rewatch the series: Meet the community members dedicated to bringing you the subtitles for this channel. Lord, Chuno, talk ab. It was so in keeping with Gun’s character and constantly gave me squeezy heart feelings of the non-heartburn kind. But I wanted to watch the Jjangs first outing together. Hard to find that type of chemistry. Because the show never lost its heart.

Beezus February 19, gooddrzma 5: Goodbye my Snail Couple, I’ll miss you. Lastly, any suggestions for fill the gap after this week? I think Fated has done everything right, from the puppy love in act I, to the painful angst in Act II, to the heartwarming finale.

I will really miss FTLY. And while that would have pleased my story-telling side, it would have absolutely made me miserable. And i also loved that scene.

Because the writer chose to keep the illness but say it was asymptomatic, it make more sense that MY be the one to hit play. When I found out about that, I squeeeeeeled. Panda, Have been waiting for this recap so that I could share all the feels, but you have said everything I wished to say so well, with so dreating heart and so much love.

Ftly September 7, at 1: Mama Yong reluctantly attends a meeting with Ji-yeon and her father, intent on showing her disapproval once and for all.


인연 만들기 Creating Destiny Ep 15 Eng Sub

What a brillant tango of talent! Your email address will not be published. I loved the cuteness and ddestiny and humor of Part I. I’m sure this has happened before in dramaland. His voice also rocks Panda, this is really sweet. Any idea which is better? And loooool at Dr Octopus and omma gooddramq together!

That time esp with scenes on KD broke my heart, i shed more tears on this romcom than on any other drama i have watched. Of course, it wouldn’t have been as great without JH and vice versa. If you’re imitating to this degree, I am compelled to call it original.

Grandma Wang is beside restiny with joy. Once watched, began the slow, painful countdown to next Wednesday. Jjangs Couple is Jjang!! Should you get yourself a copy of this drama, when released?

I guess I would be interested to see that pairing.

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And to all you commentators who gushed and squeed and bawled over all the feels that this drama gave us, I adore you all. More prominently on JH’s part. It was super suggestive at least to me plus the sounds they were making It was the drama that reminded us why we started watching dramas, with a crack factor through the roof, witty writing, and sparkling chemistry between two leads who could not have been more perfectly cast.

After Mi-young puts the kibosh on sexy times before the sun sets, the two of them slow dance under the stars. Cazorlaesque September 6, at festiny She drives the car; he epispde about her success.

And the fantastic translations of some of those key moments where the subs didn’t quite capture the meaning. P Plus, they looked absolutely lovely together, purely from a visual perspective. That said, they usually cast good OTPs and make things funny and zippy. I finally managed to finish my last article about “Fated to Love You” and I am a bit surprised at how long it took me to unspool the plethora of feelings this show inspired; to synthesize those feelings into thoughts and then find the words to express it all An ending more in tandem with episodes would have resulted in Gun’s death at the end.


Ki Tae Young Main Cast. September 6, at cdeating What I loved most about the drama spisode how genuine and heartwarming the whole premise is. And when he kissed her finally in the “genuine” bed scene, the fact that his eyes were open creatiing an extra intimate touch to the proceedings. Gun and Mi-young have a picnic with their twins, a boy and a girl, now toddlers. Can the two team up to find a way out of their impending fate?

Without that growth, I wouldn’t find their reunion as satisfying.

Some of us may have complained about what we saw as imperfections and the drama floundering with a few too many episodes of angst in the middle, but it was only done out of love – though you are right that FTLY had heart, a mighty heart indeed. Joanna September 6, at 5: I miss the snail couple already. After a lot of recent letdowns, this is the drama that gave me back my faith in just what a good Korean drama – especially a romcom – can be.

Totally loved this finale! I wanted my Happy Ending any way possible and I am ecstatic I got it.

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