I LOVE that they are not letting us wait until last 10 minutes of episode 16 for them to be together. Cat December 4, at 9: That’s where the problem for me comes from. I loved how she pleasantly surprised me when she went to speak to Tommy and I thought she was going to grovel but instead demanded an apology! It sort of comes with the job to show off, having prestige and everything, but it says nothing about your ability to sell or make or fix them. That said, I’m thinking Rich guy has enough of a likable personality and flakiness to work well with our heroine. Being honest hard working person is a bummer but I guess having my pride means more. SJ is the ultimate romantic however I hope he is mature enough and forgives SK in the future.

This actually reminds me of Lorelei Lee from Gentlemen Prefer Blonds and especially of her speech to her future father-in-law: CA has a charisma…. It was exhausting for the both of them, but they took a cute picture to commemorate their work. OMG I just love the clothing, I find it so whimsical. Email required Address never made public. I just want her to be faithful to oppa

Page 1 Page 2 Next page. How cute was his ASAA momement in episode 1. Still, my favorite character is Seung-jo. It was obvious you were trying so hard to look good. I’m all for marrying rich but the drama kinda made life complicated for the viewer and the MC by making her have a honorable beloved of six years. This doesn’t mean i’m sold with the future relationship between SK and SJ, i just hope the writers justify why should they end up together I like this show!

It’s strange that we didn’t much of that in the episodes since the promos had such an airy feel.


I’m ok with their breaking up over money, because it isn’t really “just money. I just marathoned two episodes and was literally gripped by the raw emotions.

Down the Rabbit Hole: Cheongdamdong Alice Episode 3 and 4

I wonder if any of you have been poor before, i mean really poor i’ve been dirt poor – you’ve got to experience poor before you can know and can feel what SK and in chan is going thru. When she is sitting in her bedroom you can almost see coming to the realization that she is going to have to find a way to drag not just herself, but everyone else out of this pit.

Can’t wait for the next one!! He no longer wants to be with her. I have one that is similar and now I am going to be obsessed with it because of Jean Thierry Cha…ahaha.

Seung-jo is called out in the middle of his work to resolve the issue. On the completely shallow side, I love romance alicw when the hero falls in love with the heroine first and chases after the girl.

I usually lurk there for all the goodies. Yoon-joo turns on her: As for chemistry, I think Park Shi-hoo is doing most of the work. Well, I don’t really see it as the dramas solution because Se Kyung makes the decision herself. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

He better die or something. We knew this was inevitable.

There are some awesome spoiler pictures on page She tries calling him numerous times and visits his home to see if he dramacrazj there.

Their break up is as much for his mental and emotional well being as for her being “free” of him. So, because he loves her, he does the only possible thing he can and lets her go. In the drama, the girl has talent because she won prizes and went to a top school, but we don’t see her loving designing or clothes so I’m assuming it’s not really about fashion in the first place.


Moon’s acting was great. AinCDD for now is getting very,um conflicting at the moment.

CaroleMcDonnell December 4, at 1: That’s part of what’s getting both her and her boyfriend down. Follow Blog via Email Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

Drama Reviews and ImpressionsK-Drama. Lilly December 4, at 3: I alic no idea how this drama is gonna end up, though I do have the same questions you brought up.

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Choi Su A Kim Ha-neul works as a flight attendant for 12 years. Deep deep deep in my admittedly quite shallow heart, I want our heroine to end up with her beloved neighborhood Oppa. Or is it the screenwriter who is out of sync? Alice in Cheongdam-dong doesn’t have any heart yet, i don’t really care about the characters but they’re so odd that i can’t stop watching.

But to me, it looks like Seung-jo needs to have his faith in love and women or humanity more like restored.

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