And I make a joke of having lost my earring. What I was hoping for was something more subtle. For both women, their upbringing and the prevailing social norms mean that there is very little for them to do other than remain within the gilded cage of their havelis. While the symbolism of the caged bird may seem blatant, I love the way Ray just touches upon it, instead of beating us on the head with it. Both are sad and both are moving, and both have fine music and one extremely well filmed dance scene. If anything, you just saw what movies do to me.

But the director speaks volumes in this slow movement. Love that song, by the way. He was fantastic in this — and he and Madhabi Mukherjee were simply awesome, both individually and together. Just that, considering the subtlety that dominates the rest of the film, the cinematic treatment of the end is a little too abrupt. It eats, and Prodyot Babu asks what it is. While it is considered absolutely acceptable for Charu to treat Amal with a light-hearted affection—as one would a younger brother—she must not think of him as anything else. While the symbolism of the caged bird may seem blatant, I love the way Ray just touches upon it, instead of beating us on the head with it. The Sentinel keeps Bhupati busy day and night.

I too think of this as one of my all time favourite Indian films: Soumitra is awesome and the camerawork stupendous. Do watch, and tell me what you think of it.

And so handsome too! This Satyajit Ray film had been lying in my to-watch pile for a long time. I do think he does find her attractive that classic scene with her photo…. Her lips curve into a smile—blissful, sincere, full of affection. The setting though reminds me of a film with Grace Kelly? And I ended up wanting to hit myself for not having seen this masterpiece earlier.


Will there be a future for Amal and Charu? Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Watch it, watch it.

Witty, fun and with just the dubtitles amount of mystery and detection. I agree with you completely, Anu — both on the point of the caged bird yes, so many directors would focus on it and fill the frame with it!

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This is one of my all time favourite Indian films. Manda is illiterate, perhaps somewhat childish, too. I like, too, the fact that there are so few actors in the film — that strengthens the story and makes their characters so much more powerful. Such a beautiful movie subtitlew such a beautiful review!

Hmm, this 9164 looks interesting, and it is interesting to see it compared with Sahib Bibi Aur Ghulam. When I first saw the tagline The Lonely WifeI was reminded of another classic film from the s: A high point of the film is this beautiful song by Kishore Kumar Ami chini go chini tomare O go Bidesini from Charulata.

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There have been a few very few suggestions on other Ray films — especially Pather Panchali — among the comments, but not much. The treatment of the end. Bhupati hands Umapada the keys to the safe and tells his brother-in-law that he will now be responsible for maintaining the accounts. The Sentinel is Bhupati and his views in print: My husband would probably find it immensely wearying to sit through a film like this — he prefers loads of stuff happening onscreen sci-fi, fantasy and comedy being among his favourite genres, so he would probably have to be tied down to a chair to watch Charulata … but I hope your husband likes it!


Email required Address never made public. Just finished watching it on youtube, with subtitles. I have marvelled at how clear and evocatively crisp you have managed to make them!

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Something like saying all Hindi films are full of songs and completely escapist. Somehow I remember this scene and when my guests start having a discussion about religion, politics, sexuality, corruption or whatever subtitlfs the current, this scene always comes to my mind. Manda will be good company for Charu. He is subtitled enlightened, educated, good man who feels genuine affection for his wife, but lacks the sensitivity to really understand her.

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