The new constitution promulgated in provides for democratic freedoms, such as free speech, free assembly, and free association. For trips out of town, travelers can rent cars, with or without drivers, at about the same prices as in the U. The academic year runs from September through June. The town of KEREN is the regional capital of the Anseba Region and one of the major agricultural centers of Eritrea, particularly for fruits and vegetables. About 20 percent of Eritreans are urbanized, forming a significant working class. Mosquito-borne diseases such as malaria and dengue fever are not a problem in the highlands, but are found in the lowlands.

The total population of about 3. In government schools, enrollment grew an average of 7. The agreement was to submit the matter to the UN General Assembly if negotiations were unsuccessful. In an estimated 3. In recognition of the area’s importance to the struggle, the Eritrean currency is named the Nakfa. From September Eritrea became an autonomous territory federated with Ethiopia. After 30 years of war, thousands of returning refugees experienced a severe housing shortage, particularly in urban areas. With the help of Soviet Union , Korea , Cuba , and other countries in the Eastern Bloc, the Dergue sustained a very bitter war over Eritrea between and

One mistake risks a drop of a thousand feet or more in the upper parts of the road, and there are few guard-rails. Domination, Resistance, Nationalism, — Fortunately, eritream normal speed for Eritrean drivers in Asmara is only 15 to 20 mph, so serious accidents in the capital are rare. Asmara traffic is light even in rush hour, but newcomers should be warned that Eritreans are inattentive drivers and pedestrians, paying little attention to traffic around them, and frequently walk or enter into traffic without a glance at what might be coming.

The legislative branch of the transitional government, called the National Assembly, is the highest legislative authority in Ethiopia.

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Artisanal gold production, extracted over a large area in the southwestern hills, was 33 kg inup from 9 kg inbut down from kg in For the first time, Eritrea was welded into a single political entity with unified political and social structures, which cut across the traditional divisions.


There is a very beautiful small synagogue maintained by the last Jewish family in Moviw, but there is no rabbi. It also has no known reserves of coal. Also inthere were 58, internally displaced people. Though there is no official censorship, government reaction to some criticism by the media has at times been harsh, including the jailing of reporters and editors. Eritrea had 3, km 2, mi of roads, of which km mi were paved in Archeological sites in Eritrea have yielded hominid fossils judged to be two million years old.

Legally, the ruling was binding and final. Herbs, other than parsley, are almost never seen nee the market. Fallout from the war exacerbated the famine. In the meantime, “easy care” hairstyles are strongly recommended. The EPLF on the other hand was comprised of units with mixed religion, ethnic, and regional backgrounds. In the Santa Familia University, founded in Asmara by the Comboni Sisters inobtained recognition from the Ethiopian government, changing its name to the University of Asmara.

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Firebrace, James, with Holland, Stuart. Roads, despite the heavy beating they took during the struggle, are now in better shape than in most other African countries and the railroad between Asmara and the Massawa port has been partially rebuilt.

Reconstruction work on this railway, starting from Massawa, began in summer Literacy for the country is estimated to lben 30 percent — for women just 10 percent. The government is emphasizing development of agriculture and animal husbandry in order to decrease the reliance on international relief, caused by war and drought.

With the opening of the Suez canal inthe Red Sea coast gained notway and commercial importance. The predominant language is Tigrinya, spoken by the group of that name.

Plans for a transition to a full democracy have been indefinitely delayed as a result of a border conflict that began in Maywhich led to renewed fighting with Ethiopia. Soccer is the most popular mvoie sport.

Cars are scarce at present and very expensive.

InEritrea had 2, sheep, 1, goats, 1, head of cattle, 75, camels, and 1. Though the constitution provides for freedom of religion, the government has placed a number of restrictions on “Pente” groups, or all religious organizations other than the four government-sanctioned religions of Orthodox Christians, Muslims, Catholics, and the Evangelical Church of Eritrea. Cambridge University Press, Approximatelypeople live in the capital; the next largest cities are: Retrieved February 23, from Encyclopedia.


Hats and plenty of sunscreen are recommended for protection against the powerful sun anywhere in the country.

Eritrea was also hoping to establish offshore banking services and facilities to cater to the Middle Eastern market.

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Prior to Italian domination, education fell into two broad categories, religious and local. Locally grown chicken can always be found but is almost always tough. But Eritrean students resented entrance policies they viewed as favoring Ethiopians. Local mineral water is safe.

The supply of prescription and non-prescription medicines in local pharmacies is limited and unreliable. The b,en will be familiar to anyone who has eaten at an Ethiopian or Eritrean restaurant.

By Zemen Publish Education for Eritreans, however, limited to the Italian language and basic skills, was designed to produce menials for the Italians.

From War to Peace. However, with their contradictions at the breaking point inthe parties fought an all-out war against one another. The Chinese restaurant remains open, but has been supplemented by restaurants serving everything from European to Middle Eastern food. In the last week of Novemberthe member UN Security Council unanimously adopted a resolution that threatened action, including possible sanctions, to Eritrea if it did not immediately rescind its flight ban, and to Ethiopia if it did not reverse its military build-up.

Schools had to be camouflaged against air attack, and students had to be prepared to take cover. Elementary, or primary, education lasts five years.

Eritrea’s main exports, Yodit Muruts Hagerey New. They are a proud, resourceful and determined people, filled with a spirit of self-help and independence. Most surviving preschools are situated in Asmara and are controlled by religious institutions.

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