Season 2- episode How I turned to plant based diet? Unfortunately, our current internal and external political situation. OK, so are you happy with this well respected man that your cousin brought you? The guy was placed in this position against his will. The finale of the second season aired on 28 June , two days before the massive 30 June protests that led to the ousting of president Morsi on 3 July.

The day that Khaled Youssef directs a revolution, it will be a smooch fest. Season 2- episode 3b. Yes of course sir, for special occasions and holidays, what can I tell you What is this strange relationship between Egypt’s army and Egypt’s people. The finale was one of Youssef’s most talked about episodes, as the comedian and his crew celebrated Morsi’s first year in office in their own unique way. A good video explaining intermittent fasting. Radicals, Refugees, and Republicans. Arabic text below I have been waiting for this movie for a long time:

Unless there’s a future plan for this institution to deal with the media. Use the following code to embed this video. Before June 30, we used to hear peisode that last three or four hours. Does his appearance that gives an impression of seriousness and rigidity. The important question is whether or not he’s qualified for the position.

Panel at Politicon What kind of future do you see for your relationship with your cousin? We love him we want him. You’re the ones who are Phtoshop. Tickling Giants tells the story of Dr. The episode became a hit after introducing a new character to the show, “Gamaheer” ‘the people’who recounted her experience as a bride who rejected a “military groom” for an “Islamist groom” that was always taking the side of his family.


The guy was placed in this position against his will. Trump is great for comedy, horrible for America — satirist.

Really, I can’t believe the amount of love between the people and him. I would prefer that you do a daily… twitter. That’s why he’s a hero. I’m dying to know, who came up with the idea that you can sacrifice some people. But the eposode to this question whether its a revolution or a coup depends.

We welcome criticism rpisode our reports and articles but we will not publish personal attacks, slander episod fabrications directed against our reporters and contributing writers. Monday, 25 February I’m not renting an apartment here. Arabic text below I have been waiting for this movie for a long time: OK, so, this geezer, Is there any love between you?

I love my country and I’m putting up with the traffic and the curfew and the mess. February 20, 7: Ahram Online looks back on the ten most of the most talked about episodes of Bassem Youssef’s show ‘El-Bernameg’.

Watch Bassem Youssef’s ten most talked about episodes

When you join the Global Shelter Coalition, we commit ourselves to celebrating your engagement, to amplifying your message and to providing you with all the support you need to promote our message to others.

A few days ago I wrote about water fasting and pant based diet through my own experience The finale of the second season aired on 28 Junetwo days before the massive 30 June protests that led to the ousting of president Morsi on 3 July. It was indeed an episode to remember: Granted it was to swear at him, but at least the family was united. See our usage guide for more details on embedding. This program is satirical, imaginary, untrueand biased.


How do they look those evil people who created the January 25 revolution. It’s clear that there is a discrepancy over the exact figures that demonstrated. Unfortunately, these people will not accept to listen to a differing opinion. UNHCR celebrates your support. A good video explaining intermittent fasting. That was six months ago and since then I just stopped.

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Enjoyed reading Byoussef ‘s “Revolution for Dummies” – my mini-review in timeshighered looks good! The relationship between the army and the people is an ancient one. Look, anything that’s in high demand in the market.

Season 2- episode I’m talking about the pressure we feel to appear in front of the people. However, due to time and staffing constraints such corrections will not be made across the board or on a regular basis. Next thing I see, he’s bringing me this old geezer as old as my dad.

Youssef posed the questions “What if the January 25 Revolution did not happen?

My cousin stood up for me, and told me, you must be protected. Season 2- episode 5b. OK, so it’s something that happened softly due to the will of the people. Season March The future of pluralism, citizenship, and religion in the Middle East English Interviews. Episore 23, 3:

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